2020 Presidential Candidates Thread





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I dunno why the link isn’t oneboxing, but anyway:

Pete Buttigieg, the 37-year-old Democratic mayor of South Bend, Ind., announced last week that he intends to run for president.

An openly gay man and a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, Buttigieg has been identified by top Democrats — including former President Barack Obama – as a potential future leader for the party.


Just a warning, if he ever becomes a serious candidate, we’re going to hear a lot of dumb jokes about his name and I don’t know if I can take it.


I heard the interview on NPR this morning… I was kind of underwhelmed, I have to say. He had some pretty vague statements about the role of a chief executive in government, but nothing really concrete, I thought. Maybe it’s too early to ask for specifics, but still…

And yeah, that’s where plenty of people will go, especially considering that he’s a gay man…


As Einstein once quipped, " I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought , but World War IV will be fought with memes!"


Bernie Sanders will be eighty. There’s already better choices to compare against Kamala Harris without trusting Bernie can make it to eighty-eight in functioning health.


I think this argument takes for granted that older world leaders without access to the current state of healthcare have existed and accomplished things:

American history isn’t the only kind of relevant history, here. I personally don’t think Bernie will run, or at least I don’t see this run being as successful as his last, but I don’t think this is disqualifying. It would be if we had reason to believe his health is declining rapidly due to age-related degenerative diseases, but we really don’t have any evidence for that.


Looks like Bloomberg may be building a another Cambridge Analytica type tool:

“The team wants to collect data about voters on an unprecedented scale, match those data with consumer data, and then hire a team of engineers to do high-level analyses, looking for new ways to identify potential voters, and new ways to appeal to them. They want to match voter data to consumer information and social-media profiles, and look for new ways to break through.”

“Then they want to build a new “tech stack,” or system for processing and applying the data. The goal, they say internally, is to fundamentally change the core Democratic infrastructure.”


Amusing to note that he’s ineligible to be elected pope at his age.


Speaking of:

I recently came across a rumour that the Catholic segment of the Trumpists are attempting to dethrone the Pope…


I’m wondering why reporters
still use the term
“openly gay man”.

That’s so…


I agree…
But we are all so desperate
for the Nut-job


Ah that’s funny, because there’s only two reasons why you’d have to elect a new pope. The death of the previous one or if the current one decides to resign, which is almost unheard of but is allowed. Removing a pope hasn’t happened since medieval times, and back then it was done by force, which seems a bit far fetched these days.



I would be surprised. Lots of conservative catholics that aligned with the moral majority hate his shift in focus.

I’ve noticed a shift in tone the last couple of times I’ve been to catholic services with family, to a more inclusive tone than under the previous popes. He’s not perfect of course, but even the little bit he’s done is seen as a threat to more authoritarian minded folks in the flock. It’s a shame, because his moderate shifts could open the door later for more last and real change in the church.

Then again, we’re living in the stupid timeline now, so almost anything is possible.



Harris has no awareness of what the criminal justice system truly means in the lives of the poor, and she believes that jail has an important place in education policy.

On that subject, this is a devastating read.


Just because it seems to be the going trend.

I am officially announcing that I am pursuing the office of the President.