2020 Presidential Candidates Thread





Tulsi Gabbard is important; without her, foreign policy would be completely ignored in the primary except as a means of redbaiting the left.


Can’t Juan Guaidó just declare himself the new pope and then the CIA will take care of it somehow?



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All is klar, herr kommisar?


This is a pretty reasoned argument that while the chunk of votes Schultz is targeting is split pretty evently between having voted for Trump or Hillary, the votes actually favored Trump. That’s not very shocking to me at least; Trump won big in privileged suburban homes, and with people who are dissatisfied with the current party options. It’s just that money tend to win over social issues with these people.


A “fiscal conservative” is just a social regressive wearing different pants. Pass it on.


Well, this isn’t necessarily true. IMO, any actual fiscal conservative should have, for a long time now, been a firm supporter of the Democrats as opposed to the Republicans with their voodoo economics, playing games with the debt limit, pouring money and lives in pointless wars, and plundering the economy to benefit the ultra-rich.

In practice, of course, you’re entirely right. :slight_smile:


Because a man is “hard charging,” “driven” but a woman is a bitch. Gotta love these modern times…

ETA: Check out the definition of “mistreatment.” It looks like it amounts to “know your stuff” and “be on time.”


I did.

Adding to the humiliation, Klobuchar often cc’d large groups of staffers who weren’t working on the topic at hand, giving the emails the effect of a public flogging.

I’ve had that boss, and I hated that boss. I didn’t need to hear about other people’s screwups and it was in fact really demoralizing and demeaning–that was the intended purpose of this managerial style.

I freely admit it’s easy to get the wrong idea in an election cycle where it seems like every article is a subtle or not-so-subtle smear or endorsement, and so I’d say the jury is out for accuracy here. But maybe, “well other senators who are men are also bad bosses” isn’t the best argument for what is turning into an ongoing problem.


“Why are you talking about 2020 so early?”


Joe Biden needs to go away.



Serious question: Anyone excited about any of the candidates who are actually running?


Speaking as an Otherplacian, I’m quite excited by the possibility of America electing anyone but Donald fucking Trump.


Not so far…


Not yet. A whole lot of meh. That said I will happily vote for boring over what we currently have.
Seriously I could do with 4 or even 8 years of boring from my government.


Boring sounds positively orgasmic compared to the daily excitement currently flowing from the WH. Sorry, misspelled “excrement.”