2020 Presidential Candidates Thread


Klobuchar on the Green New Deal:

“…didn’t agree with parts of the proposal, including the government paying those “unwilling to work” and drastically reducing air travel.” -TheHill

In bed with the airline lobby Amy Jean?

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In a lot of ways it’s too early, but based on the utter poverty of positive vision emanating from the Dem candidates and the near certainty that they will try to run a super safe campaign (meaning lots of appeals and pivots to the right), I’m going to state right now:

Donald Trump will win in 2020. 85% certainty.

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Reading 538’s take on Amy Jean is like reading a recipe for making mash potatoes. Without any butter, cream or chives.

Without a candidate with Sriracha Balls© to steer a hard left tractor trailer over trump I’m afraid that you might be right.

Way to go yet…


I Can’t Believe It’s Not Republican!


It’s because Nate Silver’s analysis of candidates never analyzes anyone who failed to vote, or account for people that sporadically vote. It’s why 538 is only really good at taking poll data and predicting future trends in poll data, and not actually providing an editorial content for it. That’s why basically all his analysis involves saying “everyone needs to pivot to the center of the Overton Window.”

It’s also why the article I linked earlier talking just about people who identified as as such and voted isn’t a mess, while the one you link basically comes down to how to win the people that did vote in 2016 and not bring back the people who voted for Obama.






He’s made it official now, and honestly, I just wish he wouldn’t. I wish they all wouldn’t.

Let’s just limit the campaign to 1 month before the election and give all the candidates the same amount of money, say, 1 million dollars, for publicity. Anyone discovered violating that 1 month window, directly or indirectly, will be kicked out of contention on the first offense and dropped from the top of the Washington Monument on the second.



Eternal campaign. Eternal war. An estranged populace, disconnected from an aloof ruling class.
This is how states fail. This is how empires crumble.


All campaigns on the era of the Imperial Presidency before this were eternal and all campaigns after will be eternal. If people think otherwise, it’s because they were comfortable up to this point. I think I still have a Newsweek from 2005 talking about how Obama could be the next president.

The worst possible outcome of the Trump presidency, in my mind, is for people to go back to virtually falling asleep politically every three years.


I don’t want to get involved in the official Bernie thread any more than I have, so I’ll put this here.

My political position is roughly Communalism. I am not going to get that from any candidate in any party (I think Vermin Supreme is the closest, and he won’t win) so I will have to compromise when I support someone. That said, there are three critical issues that I think need to be dealt with which are so entangled that they all have to be fought at once

  1. Climate change / environmental damage
  2. The rise of the far right / attacks on civil rights
  3. Increasing economic inequality

I will support any candidate who will actually do something to stop all three. Third way liberalism has already failed to fight these issues and I have little expectation that they will change.

If the election is between a third way Democrat and Trump then obviously vote for the Democrat.
However, once they are elected they will need to be fought every day for the next four years.

Wealthy Dems and their backers hate Bernie (and Warren) for the same reason they hated Kucinich: he wants to tax the rich
Wealthy Dems and their backers hate Bernie (and Warren) for the same reason they hated Kucinich: he wants to tax the rich

About to be highly relevant. Berniesmearing about to go into overdrive.


After watching the shit flinging mess going on elsewhere, I think I’ve centered my locus of support- an AOC-led green new deal. No watered down neoliberal clap trap, no co-option as a means to sideline (a la Obama and UHC.) I want a no questions-about-it resolve from the perspective candidate to back AOC.

And this is gonna probably be the last time I’m gonna offer my own opinion on the election, because I’m not a masochist, and instead will only be amplifying voices from frontline communities. Peace out, on this topic at least :v:


So… they are consistent with CNN viewership and not at all “tanking?”

“CNN finishes third in cable news networks” is too everyday for a headline I guess.


I don’t write the headlines.

However, the ratings do suggest that Klobuchar has insufficient support to draw any extra interest to the CNN broadcast; she just got their usual airport-and-dentist’s-office audience. I don’t expect her to be a significant factor in the primary.


Very much agreed, Klobuchar never was and never will be a contender.

I doubt any of these candidates have he ability to change much before he primary and have only managed to put unneeded risk on their campaign’s viability. Without a Clinton the season is going to be much more difficult for everyone (well, everyone but Warren who already has had the GOP media focus).

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A quick 2020 meme round up, mostly Bernie edition: