21st century vocab: "Card clash"


Who can blame the payment system designers or the Underground’s officials who approved the system’s design.

I mean, no one could have predicted that adults would adopt the habit of their wallets in the manner they were designed.

It is amazing that people find the most creatively incompetent ways to ensure any new efficiency or simplicity gains realized by new information systems are off-set by new, confounding and utter frustrating inefficiencies - to put it mildly.


That’s what engineers do best, predicting problems and fixing them. If you don’t think of them in advance, it has another name, “debugging”. It’s just part of the job. If there’s blame here it probably adheres to the executives who chose not to handle it. See Challenger disaster for a much worse case. To be fair, they may well be fixing this while we complain, and the warning is just a temporary work-around.


There’s truth in what you say. My own experiences with the marketing side of prod dev or mgmt comports with your assessment. It’s also true that bad or functionally insufficient outcomes are the product of bad or functionally insufficient diligence - or from run-of-the-mill greed.

The lessons that should have been learned from the Challenger disaster are applicable to this scenario. Its too bad they were taken to heart by the decision makers.


What do you think about this?

Contactless payment cards are protected and in addition you can avoid card clash, for me perfect!


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