$30 plug-and-play kit converts a Bird scooter into a "personal scooter"


Were I paranoid, I’d almost wonder if the Chinese manufacturers foresaw the fate of these things and had the kit to liberate them ready from the outset.


That’s not a scooter.



Who are you, Crocodile Dundee? And, not even the Crocodile Dundee we want … but … perhaps … the Crocodile Dundee we need?


Heh. Free Bird.


No. That’s a scooter. Also the only time a Vespa has legitimately been called a crotch-rocket



the video starts at the opinion time @8.02
but it’s an ok techy review


details on the innards:



Wow not only can that thing impale people in front, but there is a mini impaler to rape the driver. War is hell.


Huh? Bird scooters are quite common here, our city has even setup many special parking spaces for both Bird and Spin scooters that wirelessly charges them when parked there and has instructions on where to park them to prevent problems. I.e. park near transformers, poles and other already existing obstructions to keep pathways clear for wheelchairs, etc.

Not sure why people think Bird scooters are illegal.


The scooters themselves are probably not illegal, but the company that deployed them didn’t jump through the right hoops to ensure that business model was allowable in many municipalities. I may have missed your /s tag, however. Welcome to BB!


It was in the post WWII era. France didn’t have a lot of money and had to make do.


Actually, I’ve seen these around campus recently. Not nearly as many as the scooters, but still:

[ETA] I should note that unlike the other scooters, I’m tempted by these.


I’m thinking of getting an electric scooter like a Vespa. It would be fun to get around town.

Cue up the granny gang video!


If we lived in town, I would get one for sure or use this service at least. Although ATL is not very friendly for non-cars in general, even in town.



The Vespa Elettrica will have similar performance to a standard 50cc scooter. The scooter will feature a brushless DC motor rated for 2 kW (2.7 hp) continuous and 4 kW (5.4 hp) peak power. The motor should be plenty peppy, with a torque rating of over 200 Nm (148 ft-lbs).

The lithium battery is designed to last 100 km (60 mi) and can be recharged in 4 hours. It should also last for 1,000 charge cycles, which the company says will translate to around 50,000-70,000 km (31,000-43,000 mi) of real world riding, or around 10 years for most riders.

That’s not bad. In Ontario, they classify electric scooters as bicycles, no license, with a 30 km/h cap on speed. They better start preparing for licensed electric scooters that can play in traffic.


Coming through- outta the way!



Wear a full face helmet, good boots (I imagine you are good there) and some heavyish clothing if you do.
Totally a lot of fun though.


I think this is really a key point. These scooters may be a nuisance in some places but in others they can be a great lifeline for underserved communities. The concept is great, but the implementation in many cases is typical arrogant Silicon Valley bullshit.


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