A bowel-loosening long-term geopolitical weather report

I get the feeling Bruce Sterling is getting a bit tetchy with the peanut gallery. By Page 5 he’s in full on rant mode about the Neo-Optimists.

It’s a vacuum and a reducing atmosphere, because solar wind is hydrogen plasma. It affects the moon - causes the sodium tail.

Anyway, probably doesn’t win on the cost-effectiveness front, until we start mining the asteroid belt.

Immigrants mess. Hard but easy answer, you are responsible for the mess in your own country, you wont fix fine, don’t expect to come to my country where we did our bit to fix things and make them better. Do your job as a citizen and make your country better don’t expect to export your shitty attitude to my country along with yourself and make my country worse.
There is a world of difference between temporary refugee containment camps and permanent immigration.
Let your country turn to shit, screw you fix it, don’t expect others to do it for you after they have done it for themselves.

The amount of hydrogen is not enough for a reasonable throughput. Qualitatively it would work, maybe well enough for thin layers over time, but I wouldn’t base large-scale manufacturing on that. What’s the throughput of said hydrogen per square meter per day?

The alloy of iron and carbon was a nice feature, too.

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Preserved in its glory.

Just so you know, the refugee crisis is primarily a class and economic democracy issue, not primarily a resource or religion issue, though the language of social culling is preferred by the DC media bubble. The more you know kthx.

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The fact that we have been exporting our bullshit to them and making their countries shitter through our fucking awful foreign policy and inability to apply our ‘universal enlightenment values’ even remotely universally, is presumably not a consideration. The current state of the world is a bed that we’ve shit in, and your ‘hard but easy’ answer is actually an attempt to avoid all the ‘hard’ consequences of our politics and take the ‘easy’ option by externalising the downside to another group of people.


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