A "deep dive" preview of Bethesda space RPG Starfield

NMS is the kind of game you play to chill out, akin to Minecraft and Valheim. You find the gameplay loop that interests you and you focus on that. The times i decide to circle back to NMS i generally focus on finding interesting unpopulated planets and build bases in them, and also finding exotic planets so also fun. Beyond that everything else about the game is grinding missions and collecting items. It also helps that i really enjoy the lonely vibe of the game, and how in the early life of the game combat was far from the focus (there is more conflict in the game these days, but it’s still not combat oriented. And yes i like the fact that violence is not step #1 in NMS)

I’m curious to see how Starfield will bring their own flavor to the exploration genre. Personally i’m not sure it’ll live up to people’s expectations especially considering Bethesda’s reputation for the last few years and how they utterly failed with Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. I hope it turns out to be good but i won’t be pre-ordering, if its good i’ll check it out a year from now.


Thanks for that simple description; I think I can understand it. :+1:


It seems to take several minutes for NMS to load on my machine; long enough to drain enthusiasm from my tired old brain. Is this a common experience; the loading time, that is?

It’s been a while since i’ve played it, I think the loading times can be a little bit long but i don’t recall it being so long that it made playing it a chore :thinking: I guess the only solution is to build an unnecessarily expensive and overbuilt gaming PC.



Or play on PS5 :stuck_out_tongue:

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“What was that? … Huh. Must’ve been the wind…”

My kinsfolk in Talos, we’re in spaaaaace! There is no wind!

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Said when their companion is on the ground with an arrow in their head right next to them. Hope they have a little more awareness in the NPCs this time.

But not the super guards that know when you stole something two towns over.


So… #1 mode of interaction with NPC’s is to shoot them while they shoot back badly?

Pass… :sleeping:

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