A Round Up of Resistance to Trump

















^ This warms my heart.






This. Every fucking day when Marine1 flies overhead or his motorcade crosses my path. Reminds me that I need to order one of this nifty umbrellas for the occasion:









In today’s Journal op-ed page, two Republican former Department of Justice staffers, David Rivkin and Lee Casey, who frequently pop up in the media to defend party-line arguments, take the argument to its next step. They urge Trump to issue sweeping pardons to everybody involved in the scandal, himself included, so as to hopefully neuter Mueller’s investigation.

And would it be an overreach of sorts for Trump to quash an investigation into himself and his cronies? No, they argue. Indeed, they insist he can halt any investigation he likes:

“A president cannot obstruct justice through the exercise of his constitutional and discretionary authority over executive-branch officials like Mr. Comey. If a president can be held to account for “obstruction of justice” by ending an investigation or firing a prosecutor or law-enforcement official — an authority the constitution vests in him as chief executive — then one of the presidency’s most formidable powers is transferred from an elected, accountable official to unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats and judges.”


1,000,000 and counting…



Yes, all logically and no doubt constitutionally correct.

So what?

A President deciding to preemptively pardon everyone being investigated for claims of wrongdoing on his part and/or that of his campaign is basically just saying, “yes, we did it.”

If he wants to do that, his own voters should be on board with turfing him and everyone connected with him out.

That’s the “elected, accountable official” bit.

If they’re not going to do that, then nothing matters. The investigation can uncover whatever it likes, if his base won’t dump him he will hang on regardless.