A Round Up of Resistance to Trump


Good interviews here, with both street activists and academics:


If you live in Virginia, GO VOTE!


Drive-By Trucker’s

“Much like the band’s song “What It Means,” “The Perilous Night,” written by Patterson Hood, is a deeply literal commentary on 2017’s acrimonious political climate.”

“Dumb, white and angry with their cup filled,” Hood sings, before denouncing the KKK, Nazis and President Trump later in the song, “running over people down in Charlottesville.”

“The Perilous Night” will be released December 15th on a 7" alongside a live recording of “What It Means,” with portions of the proceeds going to the Southern Poverty Law Center."


Not looking good…


Again, this is not the right thread for that content.

I dunno why it seems so hard to differentiate RESISTANCE content from 45-related fuckery.


Shoot. I was going to post this-- but it combines fuckery with resistance:


That counts.

Seriously though; we have at least 3 different threads dedicated to documenting 45’s endless fuckery and all the bad news there is to be had.

We need at least 1 thread that’s not all doom and gloom to help keep our hopes up, and this is it.


Ah, I didn’t get that that was the purpose before. I was thinking more generally about resistance, and not the emotional impact of it. OK, I get it now.



I don’t know about you, but personally, the constant deluge of horribleness takes a serious toll on my emotional well being; I need this to help keep my morale up.

It already sucks that the thread doesn’t get as many entries as the others because it seems like the orange shit-show is never-ending…


Yep. I totally feel ya, I’m in the same way. It’s persistent.

I finally cracked open Zinn’s People’s History of the U.S. this weekend. The first four pages were all about what Columbus did to the Arawaks, and I’m like, is the whole book going to be like this? I already get enough of this on Twitter, I don’t need more!

Hope, resistance, progress. (VA and NJ looking good.).


Every little bit helps.


Check again


I think the new york times site might have been glitchy…


The last time I looked, it was being called as too close to tell yet…

0.0 % seems unlikely as fuck, even if Northam doesn’t take it.


Screen Shot 80
Fairfax has yet to report 50% of its vote. (that’s 150,000 votes, mostly for the D’s)


He’s got it.

Fairfax county is always last and it’s always blue.

Suck it trump!


Yes, yes it does.


Hellz to the yes!!!


So many bigger wins too, though I have not read all the results. This was one I was very interested in: