A Round Up of Resistance to Trump


“The NYT Editorial Board is temporarily taking over this acct. to urge the Senate to reject a tax bill that hurts the middle class and the nation’s fiscal health”





I’ll just leave this here. Trump? Putin? One in the same.



Not specifically 45 related, but Moore is definitely a bird of the same feather, and we need more RESIST in our lives:


Jimmy Kimmel agrees to meet Roy Moore: ‘But I’m leaving my daughters at home!’




Giving Moore the Byrd.




Or because of the tax bill.

Or because we’re running out of time to save the climate’s future.

Or because of federal agency chiefs installed to subvert the missions of the agencies.

Or because of stacking judicial benches.

Or because of Citizens United.

Or because of net neutrality.

Or health care.

Or education.

And on, and on, and on.


A general strike? Nice thought, but totally pie in the sky.


Underdog World Strike would be very nice… but I agree… pie in the sky…



I think most of us would have to be literally starving.


So many are so beaten and ground down that even if they have a job, they’re afraid (all too realistically) that going on strike would mean losing it.


We would also have to have a more communal consciousness. The idea of a strike doesn’t even occur to most workers anymore (and when the concept does come up, it sounds old fashioned to a lot of them, like something people used to do way back in the day).


Yep, that’s for sure. Plus, many people, even educated people, buy into the idea that the labor unions were primarily responsible for the supposed inability to pay their workers a living wage, for fears of their labor costs being too high. Too many people don’t see themselves in solidarity with each other, but in competition with each other for basic resources. This has long been the primary failure of many in the white working class, who see their colleagues of color not as being able to bring a larger voice and mutual support, but as competitors for the supposedly limited resources of the current capitalist system.