A Round Up of Resistance to Trump





More of this kind of thing, please.


As much as I despise Trump’s racist campaign against NFL players there are plenty of legit reasons to boycott it. It just doesn’t sound like many of them are being exercised here.


Right? All the lifelong body and especially brain injuries should be plenty reason to stop watching that shite.

I find hope in the increasing number of players saying they would discourage their kids from playing it.

Here’s hoping that this season was the beginning of the end of the NFL.


Lol, it’s looking as if Ajit might have caused the GOP alot of pain in the near term future

While baby boomers tend to be more conservative and reliably vote for Republicans, millennials are the exact opposite. Andersen, who studies voter behavior and sentiment, says party demographics reinforce this split between generations, and he sees little political interest from boomers in millennials and their issues. The decision to repeal net neutrality – an issue that Andersen says means very little to the Republican base, but is the equivalent of killing clean water for millennials – is one example.

“Young people don’t pay as much attention to politics, but net neutrality is the kind of issue that gets people’s attention,” Andersen said. “This is a little thing that could take a group, largely considered to be liberal and more likely to be Democratic, but not politically connected, and push it firmly into the Democratic camp.”



Great analogy!



Awesome kid. Though I hope he’s not doing it like, ironically. Or on a dare.










2018 is going to be one very weird year indeed.

Ex cons, accused pedophiles, sex offenders, traitors, liars, cheaters, six time losers… :musical_note:





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