A Round Up of Resistance to Trump


A relevant how-to thread:



(Oh, and buy this man’s books. They are good books.)


And there are state charges. Trump can’t pardon those and no sane Governor of NY is going to do so.


I just got done skimming a Guardian article about that; state charges seem like the most viable way to take the Carcinogenic Cantaloupe down.


Are these criminal charges or just civil? Would prefer jail not fine


Thanks, I think that’s my replacement for “syphilitic shitgibbon.”


He can’t pardon them, but he can still claim (with a fair bit of precedent behind him) that a President is immune to prosecution while in office. Which is a question that would be adjudicated by Gorsuch et al.


Ah, but these proceedings are against the Donald, Donnie Jnr, Ivanka, Eric and the Foundation.

The Donald may be protected from suit, but the others aren’t.

It’s well worth reading the writ.

There’s some really classy stuff in there. The bit about the golf competition just tells you all you need to know about Trump.

If you’re going to stiff someone in a golf competition, maybe the former chairman of the Commodities Exchange Commission is not the best person.


Tariffs targeting Trump’s businesses.



Tempting, but I don’t see how that would be legit.

For the ultimate fantasy burn:


Manafort- you’re going to jail!!!


Maybe he’ll find someone in there who thinks that he has a pretty mouth.



Putting this under “resistance”, because it adtesses meaningful issues in targeting areas some are writing off as “hopelessly red”.

Part of resistance is changing that, and not just writing people off. And yes, absolutely, rural areas are redder than urban ones, but not for the reasons a lot of people seem to think.

This resonates with me, because I grew up in an area that was fairly split between conservatives and hardcore union/socialists. Nor were either side populated with who you necessarily would expect.

Note: this is not about the “poor, misunderstood Trump voter”, or trying to win over the unwinnable. But if you want change, it needs to be every riding, every race, every time. Things like voter purge laws need to be fought, people need to get access to polling stations that may not be close, and if they don’t have a car, there is no transit option. These are people who can tip the balance. They just need a little help to clear the barriers put in place by those who don’t want them to, and a little less apathy from a party that seems to have written them off as having “low value”.


DC Inmate Locator has you covered if you want Manafort movement updates.

“Locate an Inmate

General inmate information may be obtained by contacting the Department’s Records Office at (202) 523-7060. If you are a victim and have a DC Department of Corrections’ (DCDC) inmate ID Number, a Metropolitan Police Department identification number (PDID), an inmate’s full name, or the court case number, you can receive automated updates on inmate movements by registering with VINE (Victim Information & Notification Everyday) at 1 (877) 329-7894.@


And let’s be real, we all qualify here…


IIRC, the hole-in-one had to be on a specific hole and (they later said) had to be a 150 yard shot, but that hole was less than 150 yards from the tee. Could they be any more deceitful?


Any fans of Ocasio-Cortez in the house?