A Round Up of Resistance to Trump


This does not bode well. Jess Sessions would be the one who can appeal this decision.




Seems rather more relevant to the Trump inspired assholes thread…

Also seems a bit overhyped. The judge held that the CFBP is unconsitutionally structured and therefore had no standing to bring legal proceedings, yes.

She did not order it shut down. She ordered that the claims brought by the CFBP in that case be dismissed and the CFBP removed as a party to the proceedings.

That ruling is, as far as I understand it - and I am not a US lawyer so take it with the appropriate boat-load of salt - not binding on any other court, including any other case in the Southern District of New York.

It is literally only her ruling in this particular case. It has no binding effect on any other judge (or even herself should she change her mind in a different case, unlikely as that may be).

It does not need to be appealed.

As it happens the rest of her judgment (and perhaps the reason why she simply cites other judge’s arguments on the constitutionality point rather than expound her own at length) deals with the other challenges to the claims raised by the defendants which were also brought by the AG of New York. She finds those claims are properly made and can proceed.

As set out below, because the CFPB’s structure is unconstitutional, it lacks the authority to bring claims under the CFPA and is hereby terminated as a party to this action. The NYAG, however, has independent authority to bring claims under the CFPA. The Court concludes that NYAG has alleged plausibly claims under the CFPA and under New York law. Accordingly, Defendants’ motion to dismiss the Complaint is denied.


So, basically - it’s not good but it’s not as terrible as the article makes it seem.


Now if we can just get them to expand beyond the satisfying-but-symbolic political targets and start hitting the commercial collaborators as well. This soundtrack should be playing on Wall Street and in Trump’s restaurants.


Whatever works . . .



Good for her.



tl;dl: Democrats are jerks but it is still better to vote for them to keep the reins of power out of the hands of the GOP which has gone totally bugfuck.



Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ain’t pulling her punches. From this thread:






Many young staffers have turned inward - dating exclusively within the administration.



Hey - if it’s okay to refuse to make a cake because someone’s gay - it’s more than okay to refuse to make dinner for Nazis.

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

Good for the Red Hen.


I need to eat there next time I’m in the DC area. Maybe August.



"WASHINGTON — The Alexandria City Council voted unanimously to take the name Jefferson Davis off the stretch of Route 1 that runs north of Old Town; Jefferson Davis was the president of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War.

The council decided to rename the road Richmond Highway instead, partly because that’s already the name of the road south of Old Town (where it’s divided and known as Patrick and Henry Streets) as it winds through Fairfax County.

The name change will go into effect on January 1, 2019."


Any word on the segment thru Arlington? (I hadn’t heard anything.) I lived a block or 2 from a “Jeff Davis” Avenue in Austin; looks like it was renamed to William Holland very recently.


New Ocasio-Cortez poster.