A Round Up of Resistance to Trump


This could to be fun!

“A fourth permit has yet to be issued to a third counterprotesting group, which anticipates five people burning a Confederate/Nazi flag in Lafayette Park.” WTOP

What could go wrong?


Hopefully the racist assholes will be so outnumbered that they’ll fast-walk through the route and scurry away.


That protest sign is brilliant.


Best piece I’ve seen so far on the DSA:



this looks like a stretch for this topic at a glance, but Trump’s budget cuts to education are mentioned throughout, and James himself is a vocal critic of Trump. Also, the community building and social-emotional and intellectual develoment the community schools movement promises is the surest way to defeat these fear-mongering fascists in the long run (short term, yes, continue punching) facism requires ignorance, fascism requires insecurity, fascism requires fear and division. Melt that noise down.


Some lovely Philly street art to brighten your day.








Not precisely resistance to Trump, but I think this could fall under “damn, son.”

That is some serious anti-endorsement.


Opinion here for those interested:


TL:DR - Mueller was properly appointed and can, as a matter of law at least, be removed at any time at the whim of the Acting Attorney General. The remit of his appointment is broad and the actions he has taken fall within that remit.


Putting this here, because it’s about people who are resisting versus the ones slacksisting. Thread:


The weebsistance is strong



Was that map made in 2006 or something? A huge swath of Jesusland is more blue than a place like Wisconsin.



I’m sure the broflake went crying to the authorities after he slinked away from the show, too. I have only one sentiment for this jackwagon: