A Round Up of Resistance to Trump



“I was with Brett frequently in college, whether it be in the gym, in class or socializing. I never ever saw Brett blackout. Not one time,” Dudley said.

How the hell can you see someone blackout?


As someone who has… generally you wait until the next day, then watch as they deny the stupid (or worse, harmful) things they did, even in the face of photographic evidence. Then you can have a pretty good idea that you did, indeed, witness a blackout.

You just don’t know it at the time.


I’m taking tomorrow off to join in on the fun. Fuck these assholes.


Wonder if she has any relatives that she can call?



Perfect! Inspired! Respired! (Expired?)


Somebody please cancel white people.




FU Collins.


You need to get people informed and mobilised, sure. Symbolic non-disruptive demonstrations may play some role in that, but I think you’ll get more effect from community organising (e.g. what BLM and the DSA spend most of their time doing).

Underneath this, however, is a key strategic question. Is the purpose of your street action to:

  1. Increase public support for one faction in a future election, or

  2. Bring down the government ASAP via non-electoral means?

It’s Electoralism vs Direct Action.

I’m talking about option #2. You appear to be talking about option #1?


So, when are you coming to the US to implement your well intended rabble rousing?

Seriously what skin do you have in this?


There is a USMC base within sight of my brother’s house in Darwin.


There are bases everywhere. What gives?


Yes. That’s the problem.

There is nowhere on this planet that is safe from the US military. We all have skin in the game.


The threat is worldwide, no doubt.

But the odds are better for TPTB slowly poisoning, jailing and outright murdering their own countrymen en masse before they engage in yet another massive war. (Especially given how they have recently shat upon most of out allies.)

Yes, “lesser” military aggressions abroad are still likely, just probably not anything ‘extinction level…’ yet.



Got my absentee ballot today. :slight_smile:

Did you?




“[H]ow Facebook not so inadvertently assisted the Trump campaign[:] “Project Alamo,” Trump’s digital operation, was far less sophisticated than Hillary Clinton’s. But precisely because it had so little digital expertise, Trump’s side relied heavily on Facebook employees who were provided to the Trump campaign as embedded advisers. Facebook supplies these technical experts to all large advertisers, and in Trump’s case it made sure to find ones who identified as Republicans (similar advisers were offered to the Clinton campaign but turned down). These technicians helped the campaign raise over $250 million and spend $70 million per month in the most effective way possible on the platform.”