A Round Up of Resistance to Trump


Notice how they say there’s people involved with Bannon that even the PVV doesn’t want to deal with. Yeah…




Why is that news? Shouldn’t those be everywhere?


Hellz yes they should be everywhere!

It’s news on WTOP because of the station’s relative proximity to campus. From the way many stories are written on the site it’s my firm belief that they have student interns running the station. :wink:


“There’s something more powerful than bombs, and that’s your vote. People MUST vote!” -De Niro


Awww, but that is so mean and threatening. They might feel unwelcome in this neighborhood. Where can i get some of those?



Have fun folks!


Yeah, here’s one: “Why don’t you go and unfuck your mother? Pronto.”




Georgia has a fever and the cure is more cowbell.


I heard about this. Some guy on reddit dressed up as Buddy The Elf before he went to meet Will.


This guy?


Nope. This guy.




I give him credit, he’s actually getting out and doing the shoeleather work. Sure, one could cynically argue that he’s getting publicity out of it, but there are easier ways for a Hollywood guy to do that.


Her new cookbook is out and is getting bad reviews on Amazon from people who don’t think she should share her political views.


From the article:

The justices, however, refused to hear their appeal and provided no explanation for their decision.

That’s because this is a matter for state courts, it’s about the state constitution. No wonder SCOTUS tossed it without explanation, it’s something even I can understand without any legal training.