A Round Up of Resistance to Trump







So many hateful responses, from so many willful idiots.


Hm. There should be an available list of all registered House lobbyists. Even better, you can check to see who they’ve been lobbying about what.



Yeah, but unless you check that list before you come in and before you even know who is speaking, you wouldn’t know.

The bigger issue is not who is and isn’t, but why are any lobbyists running the freshman orientation?


Yup. She’s not threatening Jr. She’s doing him a favour before he goes after someone with real power.

I would say a lot of those people are digital, rather than flesh and blood, however. Perhaps made of foot-coverings.


Meat market. They get to review the merchandise before purchasing. :sunglasses:


Aye, I sure hope so.


Not sure where else to put this, but this seems like the logical place:


I approve.

A mural at Abigail Spanberger’s campaign headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, photographed on May 29, 2018.



Time gives trump the middle finger.

And from the other hand…





Can you imagine the consequences if the Republicans actually showed respect and appreciation of the minority electorate? It might force the Dems to do more than superficially support them! It might make a more functional political system! It will, of course, never happen, because the Republicans are completely wedded to the alt.right neo-Nazis and similar “fine people,” but it does make for an interesting counterfactual.



I read that. In a system such as the American one where you end up with two large parties that house diverse coalitions of voters (or at least should in theory) it’s utter madness to exclude people like this. It’s a good way to make your party irrelevant. Do they just ignore political science? Again, good way to make your party irrelevant.


…unless you live in a white supremacist country with a long history of restricted suffrage. You don’t need PoC votes if PoC aren’t allowed to vote.


But they clearly do vote, even if they make it hard. And as a proportion of the population they’re growing. This seems so … stupid. No future there, it makes no sense.