A Round Up of Resistance to Trump


There is your answer :wink:


The Republican party is, by all accounts and indications, completely uninterested in the future.


"They would see the whole world burn, just so they can be king of the ashes."


They don’t need to block every vote, they just need to block enough votes in enough places.

The level of voter suppression and disenfranchisement is moving in parallel with the growth of the PoC voting bloc.


Dollar Shave Club, brought to you by celebrity spokesman Bob Geldof.



Believable as hell, just based upon his erratic behavior.


The way things are going; he and Jr should try and develop a taste for toilet wine.


From your lips, to Rah’s ears…


So… Apparently there is precedent:

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Is that a spine I smell?


Maybe they’ve been emboldened by all the bad news that’s been battering 45 lately.



More like




And then there’s this asshole.


Dirty seekrit of government shut downs - most workers are furloughed, and “essential” function workers are required to work without pay, but Congresscritters still get a paycheck. Not that anybof the current useless shitegobs need it.


Grifters gonna grift. Meet the new Corporate Viceroy.