A Round Up of Resistance to Trump


I often hesitate to post AOC tweets, because I assume that most everyone who likes her is already following her Twitter. But every time I post one, it gets 20+ Likes… :man_shrugging:


She embodies a sense of hope and a vitality that hasn’t been present in the political scene in I don’t know how long.


“The districts impacted are mostly in the Richmond exurbs and the Hampton Roads areas. Under the new lines, six districts that favored GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney over President Obama in 2012 would have instead given Obama a majority, according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP).”


Virginia has been trending increasingly blue over the last couple decades, increasing in speed recently as the urban areas come to dominate population-wise. This should put the seal on what was pretty much a done deal for the election this year. (Yes, for those unaware, VA does off-off-year elections, which has historically tended to push turnout down, but that did not work so well last go-round, and I suspect will work even less well this year.)


Not all of us are cool enough to be on the twitters! :wink:



I’ve considered it briefly… but then I remember that I’m not a masochistic glutton for abuse from total randos who feel emboldened by a false sense of ‘anonymity.’

So yes, I appreciate all the positive retweets that help give me the strength to keep fighting.


Oh yeah, that too. :rofl:


My account is protected (followers only can see, no one can retweet, though they can screenshot, and people can’t automatically follow, I need to approve them). Then I only follow people who I am reasonably sure aren’t Nazis and/or other toxic shit-disturbers. And I don’t usually dig too deep in the replies.

Does some toxic stuff get retweeted into my timeline? Occasionally, usually by someone rebutting it. Do I reccomend joining up for everyone? No. Just pointing out how I survive. I wouldn’t dream of having a public account.


Just because Jared is the son-in-law of el Cheetolini shouldn’t cut it for having the clearance he has now. We’ll see…


No BB post about current US efforts to overthrow another democratically elected government? Or did I just miss it? :thinking:


Media is doing it’s best to avoid it. They’d rather focus on the wise words of Messers. Dell et Gates in Davos as they speak of how a certain congressperson must be mad to suggest a 70% marginal tax-rate and how it’s downright communist!

(“Wise” of course meaning self-serving and masturbatory.)


And most Dems can’t seem to get over their own Russian fever. :eyeroll:


Something is going on, but I wonder at the depopulated State Department being able to coordinate it.


Regarding Venezuela…

Pasquale Mattozzi of Crowdstrike posted this today:

(screenshot because it has since been deleted)

That video, supposedly representing current events, is actually from 2016:

Pasquale doubled down when called on it, but then quietly deleted the post when folks began showing up with receipts.

Be careful what you believe.


I wouldn’t call the Maduro regime democratic, but that’s me.




I have issues with anything related to reproductive health being called agape :nauseated_face:


I guess I’d file this under resistance…? (I did not remember about 2016, though)


Just when my smile from the news of Stone’s arrest was starting to fade…

I downright guffawed!