A Round Up of Resistance to Trump


How would you tell?


See anything, well, unusual in the second panel?

One newspaper was offended. I guess one out of 700 ain’t bad.


I’m sure that last word is STRAP, not TRUMP. :neutral_face:


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I figured somewhere else why I couldn’t see it. It has been purged from the online strip already.


The Internet never forgets.


OK, help me out here folks. How did it come to be that criticism of Israel or it’s policies is now anti-Semitic? Can we not object to the actions of a foreign government without being accused of anti-Semitic tendencies?


Speaking from near painful previous experience, you’re going to want to start a whole new thread about that particular incendiary topic, lest you derail this one completely.


It’s not a new thing.



Putting this here, because AOC’s truth-telling is resistance not only to Trump but the whole damned system. It’s the system that’s why he’s there.


It would make a lot more sense if instead of letting the lobbyists into the hearing on homelessness the actual homeless people who actually waited in line got to speak instead.




Don’t be silly. Money is speech, and homeless people don’t have any money.

/s :face_vomiting:




Annnnd here we go…

Lawyers are going to busy for the next couple of years.



This is why people need to start listening when this woman speaks: