A Round Up of Resistance to Trump


Not if they are secreting ‘stuff’ everywhere; I’ll pass.


Thank you. :blush:

I missed it too @Mindysan33 :rofl:


Apparently I missed that joke in @Garymon’s original post!




I miss Michelle Obama.


I miss her husband as POTUS even more.


Can’t she be president instead… sort of like a Claire Underwood thing.


I keep waiting for Trump to pull off his mask revealing himself to be Andy Kaufman back from the dead.


Yes, this. It’s all just to absurd.




Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.


Hah! I was thinking of the video of the freaked-out kid recovering from anesthesia, but Bohemian Rhapsody will do fine too.


Sorry, it’s obligatory. :wink:


“Nothing really matters, anyone can see…”


One of Alex Jones’ guests has news that puts Pizzagate to shame:


I unspoiled that and almost feel like watching again. Could keep going after season two.


Apparently, the most recent season was not popular and people thought it was all to over the top… in the current reality, they thought it was too over the top. It’s probably because a woman became president, no matter how, but a woman being the most powerful human being on the planet is what makes it “over the top”.



The universal New Yorker cartoon caption has never worked so well, either. :slight_smile:


So, Mike Pence and a gaggle of vote fraud alarmists want the states to submit detailed voting records.

Pardon my French but . . . fuck that noise.

This is obviously a step toward organized voter suppression. At the very least.

It also opens up the possibility of using those lists, which include voting history, for organized FUD campaigns. Targeted phone calls and emails to discourage and confuse voters. Targeted advertising campaigns. Weaponized bullshit, like that used by the Russians in the 2016 election.

Many state officials, including those from “red” states, have already told Pence to pound sand.

When you’ve got a half an hour:

  • Call or email your state’s Secretary of State. Urge him or her to refuse the order.
  • Call or email your state’s governor, your representative, and senators. Urge them to condemn this order.
  • Send a letter to the editor to your local paper.
  • Get ready for a march. Hopefully the biggest, loudest march since January 21.

Fuck these guys. They’re going down. Dustbin of history, villains in the history textbooks.