A Round Up of Resistance to Trump



So, for trump every day has been






Stephen Bannon’s family is reportedly terrified at the prospect of him spending more time with them.


Brilliant LOL.


It’s wrong to make fun of people’s looks.

Damn she’s right.

It’s wrong to make fun of people’s looks.

Damn she’s right.


That’s the thing, though; physically, the Walkin’ Dude wasn’t an unattractive guy, so the comparison is actually a backhanded compliment to how Bannon looked as a younger man.

That said;

If I somehow unknowingly walked through a thinny and into a dimension of S King’s, Bannon as a mendacious agent of unfathomable evil would make so much sense.


“Free Speech” Rally people.

Everyone else.
(pix by adamg @ http://www.universalhub.com)


Edit- the “free speechers” were escorted from the area in paddy wagons.


That is beautiful.

These Nazi assholes are petitioning to hold a rally at Crissy Field in SF on 8-26-17, replete with Oath Keepers; I hope like hell the permits get denied.


Wait, did he just call the police Nazis? :wink:


Key paragraphs:




Reversed it in like an hour too. Also had a hilarious mistype saying “heel” instead of “heal.”