A 'So sue me' from Tim Minchin

So, Cardinal Pell has been hiding out at the Vatican to avoid giving evidence to a Royal Commission investigating historic child abuse by priests while he was Archbishop of Sydney. Tim Minchin has written a pointed little song, suggesting he might like to go home and face the music.

Background here, if you’re unfamiliar with the case. And if you buy the single, the proceeds go towards funding tickets for abuse survivors to go to the Vatican to shame him …


Yeah, I saw that - Minchin remains bloody brilliant.


Both catchy and cutting, all at the same time … :laughing:

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At 2:54 there’s ten seconds from the Hallelujah Chorus. Oh, you, Tim.

It’s out of copyright, so I’m sure he won’t get sued over that. :wink:

Although, the RIAA no doubt pushed for copyright protection in perpetuity during the TPPA negotiations …


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