A thread of our own- misogyny

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Yeah, misogyny has a long and “honored” history in my profession, and that sucks. So does this so-called “doctor.” It sucks a lot more to have a treatable cancer misdiagnosed, or worse, ignored, because you don’t fit the classic profile taught in med school. Any profession has it’s share of arrogant assholes, medicine just seems to have double dipped there.


I always ask for a POC and/or woman, because they listen, they care, and they keep an open mind.

“I said, ‘No, I’m still caught up on the fact that you told me it’s OK to starve,’ and he said, ‘Well, you don’t look malnourished,’” she recounted to TODAY.

This. Out of the mouth of a gastroenterologist.

I’m a layman and this is shocking.


I can only hope this “doctor” has been reported to the state licensing board.


As it’s the US, I think the next words out of my mouth would have been “your malpractice insurance premiums are about to rise”


Nothing as serious as this, but a couple anecdotes to share about women re: medical treatment:
A local friend, a couple years ago, was having heart palpitations. She went to her doctor and (I don’t recall the specifics, so will be vague here) after being told it was probably just anxiety, advocated for herself. She requested specific tests. She told him about her life and job and that there wasn’t anything to indicate stress or anxiety as the cause. He finally ran the tests and found some heart abnormalities. But then, he said it was still probably just anxiety and sent her home. She got a second opinion and found an easily treatable heart condition.
A few years ago, I had a random foot injury during a work trip. I made an appointment and brought the footwear I’d been wearing, in case that might’ve played a part. The doctor asked me the same question three times (have you been walking more than usual? No.) like he didn’t believe my answer, but didn’t even look at my footwear. He kind of laughed when I mentioned that I’d brought them in. Turns out, if I’d had better arch support it likely would’ve helped, and def would’ve sped up recovery. I wasn’t walking more than usual, just the same distance in less foot-healthy shoes. I had to pay another $350 to see a podiatrist to learn that.


The image of Moog as a feminist, forward-thinking company breaks down with even a look at their employee demographics. Of 200 employees, barely 10 percent aren’t cis men. Describing Moog as a “boys club,” Green tells the Blade , might just be an understatement. Women in management are rare. While the current VP, Nick Valente, rose to his position in three years, a woman took 15 years to reach a management position. This comes, as multiple examples cited by the lawsuit allege, with a dangerously misogynistic workplace culture.

“There were so many inappropriate jokes,” Green said. “There was a joke about golden showers, they used to make dick jokes constantly.”

Jokes like that rarely just stay jokes. Work cultures like this always build towards something truly terrifying.


Not trying to victim blame in any way, but pointing out a cautionary tale for others. The part of this that really jumped out at me was that she told the person who was carrying out the attacks against her about her past in confidence - and he used that against her (along with the usual misogynist workplace sabotage techniques). The hovering, comments about panic or nightmares, and trying to promote the perception that she was incompetent or weak were the tip of the iceberg in the toxic environment enabled by the managers.

This is why I advise keeping personal information to a minimum with co-workers and HR. Neither one is there for you, no matter how helpful or friendly they might seem on the surface. Better to remain silent or say “no comment” than to have non-business details about your life become the basis for office gossip and/or management decision-making about your career. Having that information used as a weapon is the worst case scenario, and I’m sorry she had to endure that. I really hope Green wins her case and gets an amount in damages that makes other companies re-think their practices.


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The quiet part aloud.


But they still don’t want any fetal tissue used in medical research.