Airport baggage handler enjoys switching baggage tags for wrong destinations

Fricken Greg…

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The internet is full of such people-think the people who program viruses. Not the big ones that get major play in the news, but the little, annoying ones that mess up a few people’s computers, but die out quickly because of anti-virus programs.

I don’t understand the motivation, either, frankly.

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Transfer him to the wrong jail when convicted, just for giggles.


‘Asking for a friend.’


I’m thinking 286 canings, in full of his co-workers. Punishment plus deterrent.
Then you can go ahead and do the jail and fines.

Reminds me of the time when I flew back home for christmas with all the presents in my luggage. Except the luggage got sent to the other end of the world. Well, at least we had a second christmas when it finally arrived.

Fuck guys like this.

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As @WarrenTerra said, it’s probably born from resentment at the fact he’ll never be able to afford a plane trip.

I wonder how many folks casting harsh judgements might reevaluate upon considering that…

That would surprise me. Singapore has a high standard of living, in comparison with its neighbors.

Do baggage handlers have a high standard of living, anywhere in the world?

In first world countries, most can afford a flight somewhere, and flights are pretty cheap in SIngapore where seemingly half the population buzzes off to Thailand when they get a chance.

Okay, so he’s an unmitigated douche then, I guess.

How do you even fix this, if you are an airline looking for a missing bag when an irate passenger complains about a lost bag? Presumably a passenger will arrive at a destination, not find their bag, go to the airline to ask about it and show their barcoded baggage claim stub. The airline will look it up in their system and say that the bag arrived safely. There will be some stranger’s bag riding around on the luggage carousel with that passenger’s luggage tag on it. The airline employee will point to it and ask the passenger if that’s their bag, and the passenger will say “nope.” Then maybe later that night, the airline will scan the barcode of that bag and see that it was that bag that was reported missing. So they will deliver it to the house of the passenger. Then the passenger has to call the airline and explain that it’s the wrong bag, even though the tags match. So somehow the airline has to be alert enough to realize that there is a similar situation at another destination. Maybe they look for a name and address on the bag? That’s some high level work. Ignoring the barcode and looking for analog clues on each bag. I bet most these unclaimed bags were reported as abandoned instead of reunited with their owners. The contents were sold and the belonging never made it back to their owners.

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“Accidentally” switch his sentence with that of a murderer. See how he likes that.

Considered it. Nope, he’s still an asshole.


In hindsight, I think this needs a /nosarc tag.

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I took it that way, but thanks for clarifying.

I guess rather than being-in-your-face and in-the-moment like, say, Pharmabro what’s his name. I would prefer the post-event payoff as thousands of people would in unison exclaim “it must have been that @$$ benzbanana!”

ps - my previous no. 1 entry was writing a virus that would randomly offset any filename with a year in it by one. Ie. my-todo-list-2017 would become my-todo-list-2016.

pps - And, in case anyone is taking this too seriously, my list is purely hypothetical if I ever were to pick-up super-villian-ing as a career. Rather than work towards starting a nuclear genocide between the US and Russia, I’d be doing passive aggressive crap like this. :innocent:

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