AirTag tracks stolen Yukon from Toronto to Dubai

Sorry but no.

In 2021, I had direct experience with not one but two U.S. auto insurance companies [whom I will not name] in the situation you describe, and I guarantee you, both their offers of payout were insulting, way under market value, way waaaaaaaaay under replacement value, and when I asked for their documentation regarding comps (i.e. comparative valuations based on the year, make, model, etc. of my own car against comparable cars in the U.S. state I live in), nearly criminal in their use of data that simply was not relevant to my situation.

My own insurance underwriter, when I went to subrogation, ended up using a year-make-model-trim-package match for my car but… “oddly”… my car’s odometer reading was 62,000 miles and their comp had an odo reading of nearly 300,000 miles. Yes, you read that right. 300K. Which only goes to prove my expectation for a long vehicle life, had my car not been utterly screwed. Salt in this wound: until that fateful week in 2021, we had never filed a single auto claim with our insurance underwriter in our nearly 30 years of having a two-car comprehensive (uncheap) policy with them.

Looking forward to firing them once I move outta state. Too bad our home insurance is bundled with our auto insurance.


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