Amazon will raise its minimum wage for employees to $15 (what about contractors?)

This provided a tidy demonstration of the difference between Social Democrats and Democratic Socialists:


We can agree to disagree here. I am not about to get into a long point/counterpoint argument with anyone.

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Fair enough.

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An illustration of the merits of aggressive union representation…not that most teachers aren’t in unions, although many at the college level are not.

I’m with you as long as you’re suggesting that teachers should be paid more, not that football players should be paid less.


Yes, teachers should be paid more.

Personally, the number of fucks I have to give about football (or any professional sport) and the millionaires that play it could be contained wholly inside an aphid’s ass with room to rattle around unimpeded.

So I’m also suggesting that football players be paid less, and the money that’s saved be spent on improvements within the communities that have to deal with the stadiums, and maybe… I don’t know… help fund education?

I hate any time I have to drive through Denver when any variation of professional sports ball is playing.

I’m still in favor of everyone being paid the same damned amount and see how that goes.

But whatever. I’m as far away as someone can be from making financial decisions that effect anyone else, much less overpaid sports figures or underpaid teachers.

$15/hr would have been a huge step forward around five years ago. Now, it’s going to still be too little to live on before the ink even dries.


And now more info comes out that shines a light on Amazon’s attempt to move forward and shockingly. It’s a bad look. /s

Taking money from other benefits sources and migrating it to hourly cash is simply crap. They clearly have the capital to have just raised the minimum wage without taking any other compensation away.

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I seriously hope this puts pressure on Premier Bumblefuck of Ontario, who recently talked about rolling back the $14 (CDN) minimum wage hike. They already killed the $1 hike to $15 that was supposed to go through at the end of the year.


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