Annoyed by Marvel movies that don't have real endings?

Well, there you go. I tried using the blur tag and it very much did not work.

I see that as a net negative.

My point: the problem with MARVEL and DC comic books is that each few numbers the artists and writers change, creating an uneven experience not found in European or Japanese comics. The movies suffer from the same dance of screenwriters and directors, there may be one film with one good director but thrash script, other with a lamentable director but good script, one with both a horrible director and a nonsensical script, and once a decade one film with both good direction and scriptwriting (I´m looking at you Captain America).

Well, I’ll just respond to the last bit:

No, were not, holding an opinion does not necessarily mean holding a critically considered opinion.
And even then you have to explain it in a way that makes sense.

Its an interesting point but OTOH, many Japanese comics (can’t speak for Europe, I live in Japan) suffer from a kind of sedentary quality of one artist/writer team or individual getting too set in their ways. Even in golden age Marvel, you didn’t have Stan Lee or Jack Kirby turning out perfect issues every month. I’ll settle for good enough (Thor) sometimes to get great (Captain America, Iron Man, Avengers) some times.

Hopefully they’ll get Grant Morrison in for a turn and then you wont even have a start or a middle to shake a stick at, just an omnivorous, keening chasm that eats your soul and leaves you wondering if you were watching the film or it was watching you.

Part of the problem with the current crop of Marvel comic book movies is they’re way too predictable. No one really important ever dies. Contrast this with Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones where you never know who’s going to be around the next episode and when an ending does occur, it’s usually a complete surprise.


Have you ever met the internet? I know people who get upset with me when I talk about the end of Citizen Kane or Casablanca.


Almost time for Iron Man 2020.

Is it just me, or would everyone totally read lollipop_jones parody series "“Book {N} of the …Chronicles.”…?

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If there were an indication, though, that a series of movies had been as carefully considered, as a series, as the TV serials that you mention here, I think there would be more faith. Though these made-to-be-serial movies really are that, more and more, people are probably just twice shy from being bitten by decades of “That really great, original movie worked really well, and audiences loved it! Let’s phone in a second rate rehash with no plot using our second string filler people and cash in on the momentum of the first one!” from the movie industry.

I dunno, Judge Dredd switches writers and artists regularly, and it pisses all over Marvel/DC’s output IMO.


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Hmmm. I hadn’t thought of that. Maybe there’s a bit of a generational thing going on here. I was a kid when the first wave of Batman movies came out. My adult film life has included Lord of the Rings, Nolan’s Batman, MCU and a slew of other, much better stuff. I could definitely see decades of bad sequels souring people on the idea.

That’s general people though. I still think professional critics and writers need to get a collective chip off their shoulder.

So true! But I think that is because Judge Dredd doesn’t have to stick to the schizophrenic “let´s keep super hero comics PG” while also “let´s make them edgier, and more adult and controversial” that permeates Marvel/DC.

Judge Dredd will be always bloody awesome.

And I will not fight, I WILL SHARE MY COMICS! :smiley:

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Which makes it even more baffling that HBO won’t license the rights to make more “Carnivale.”

Fair enough :slight_smile:

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