Anti-adblock is a lot more common than anyone thought, but it's not hard to defeat

I especially dislike the ones where the site claims it needs a dozen different domains enabled to render at all.

Enable, refresh, still blank.
See the next one down is… great. Enable that one and refresh, still blank.
Look in the list: Fine, I’ll TEMPORARILY allow Nothing
Next one, as well as

Ah, finally, I have a page full of broken images.

At that point I just revoke permissions and write the site off as malware.


Yep, thats browsing with NoScript for ya.


True, but I can extract the site from your JS with a scraper that spoofs being a regular browser (human delays and all). The only sure fire way to get me to look at your ads it to make the whole thing a binary I have to compile which is where I think parts of the web are going (it’s probably why phone apps are here to stay no matter how hard devs try to push the whole progressive web app idea).

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All ads are image only, what are you talking about? The javascript that serves them is irrelevant too.

The problem ads are the ones served by ad networks with no vetting done by the website, or in most cases the ad network itself until after the fact. It would be incredibly trivial for a website to serve its own ads, with a bonus benefit of not needing cookies to tailor the ad to people interested in the content of the website. But like you said, the man power issue would be insurmountable. It could take one, maybe even two people running the marketing department, and that’s an outrageous sum of money for a website to overcome.

No, it’s much more sensible to just keep using ad networks that serve malware, collect data on users, and use increasingly obnoxious methods to maintain views.

I’m referring to modern ads that are served by ad networks, rather than old school ads that were literally just an image added manually to a page by a human being.

So the rest of my post after the first sentence then.

You know, given the two possibilities:

  1. None of the thousands of people working full-time in this sector have come up with the solution that I just developed by thinking about it for 30 seconds.


  1. Maybe there are other factors that I don’t know about prevent my simple solution from working.

I usually bet on (2).

Yes, it would cost more money. That’s. It. Anytime a simple solution is not used, it invariably, every time, without fail comes down to “It would cut into our profits”.

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