At least 11 killed in Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

Yep. All it does in their eyes is sell more guns, and “hey, that’s a good thing!”

As for Trump, it’s yet one more great distraction from the Saudi Arabia thing, the NY Times expose of his financial background thing, etc.


I was looking to see if he recommended armed guards for a black church after a shooting. I suspect that there would be a difference there.


Not a-fucking-gain.


Though this pos went into this temple shouting antisemitic things, on Gab (“Nazi Twitter”) he said he was “going in” (these people who think they belong to the military in their mind) because the Hebrew International Aid Society supported immigrants.

So maybe give to HIAS today, and definitely vote in 10 days.

And right now can we just mention the economic immigrant who has had so much to do laying the groundwork for this kind of thing, in the UK and in the US? Ironically, Rupert Murdoch reaps millions off his fearmongering every day, and though i know he’s tapping into a vein already there, does he also bear some responsibility?


Oh, FFS…


I’m sure people will soon start with the “lone wolf” and “mentally unstable” excuses, all of which leads up to “it was a terrible thing, but what do you want us to do about it?”

Here’s what I want to be done about it.

I want a government whose leaders don’t retweet white supremacists.

I want a government and a news media that doesn’t provide a megaphone to racist and anti-semitic conspiracy theorists.

I want a government whose “Religious Freedom Council” spends more time making sure synagogues, mosques, and black churches don’t get shot up or burned down than they do making sure gay people can be refused service.

I want a government that treats sites that recruit for Neo-Nazis and the Klan like they would treat sites that recruit for ISIS or Al Qaeda.

I want social media empires that don’t give a megaphone to violent hate groups.

I want the media personalities who clutch their pearls and swoon when a Nazi gets punched to not blithely accept that there are Nazis walking around in the first place.

I want the government, the news media, and social media, to stop acting as if my right to exist were merely a matter of political opinion.


In general, I’m skeptical that the orgasm of evil currently convulsing Western countries can be blamed on just a few individuals. The accelerating trajectory of MAGA filth started long before Turmp and it would have erupted sooner or later without him.

But if I had to pick one individual that makes me question that belief, it would be Murdoch. If he had done the right thing 30 or 40 years ago, I suspect we really would be living in a much better world. And by “done the right thing” I mean “jumped into an industrial ham-slicing machine on its slowest setting”


File under duh… also when The Nation is calling your shit out like that you are doing something truly awful.


I’m sorry to report that it is not just you:

“The number of recorded anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S. rose by 57 percent in 2017, according to a new study from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).”

This is from February, so it could very well have often worse since.


Only 1 like to give, needs many many more


Post on gun control earlier made this year by the Rabbi of Pittsburgh’s ‘Tree of Life’ synagogue:


Yeah. It doesn’t help that Trump is doubling down on his attacks. He’s joining in on the “lock him [Soros] up” chants at rallies. He literally went off script while reading prepared remarks about “unifying” to attack “globalists,” and when someone shouted about locking up Soros, he smiled and pointed at the guy. He’s beyond parody - and devoid of any hint of decency.



I love this entire platform. It fucking sucks that way too many people would consider everything you outlined here to be “extreme” or outside the mainstream… but literally everything you just put in that list should be common sense… the fact that it’s not is telling about where the fuck we are in the world today.


Soros literally just had a threat to his life…



Only those inside the Fox News / infoWars bubble would consider these positions extreme. It is, therefore, highly unfortunate that these are exactly the folks who are the decision makers and influence peddlers in our government. It’s a very vocal minority, but a minority nonetheless.


Would like to add an electorate that cares enough to educate itself and then get out and vote, even if and especially when suppression is in play.


The problem is that a huge number of people who aren’t in the infowars bubble will play along out of political expediency. They may be horrified by what’s happening, but sticking with it will get them the tax cuts they want. We don’t just have a Nazi problem; we have a Nazi collaborator problem.


I agree, but even then, enough people will play the whole “we have to hear out both sides” argument that it becomes part of the discourse. This really goes back to the Bush administration putting pressure on the FCC to ensure “equal time” to “both” sides of a political debate…

Or what he said! This is especially true when the issues don’t have an impact on certain people (such as attacks on black, Muslim, Jewish, etc Americans). It’s really easy to say “it’s both sides” when it’s not one’s own life on the line… hence, much of white American will shake their head, and think they have fuck all to do with what’s happening. But one day, it’s going to directly effect them, and all of a sudden, it will be too late.


Agree, still a minority if and only if the rest will vote.