Atari "VCS" delayed to 2019

Yeah, but it looks like it has a sweet case!

Just release the case with a Raspberry Pi mounting bracket and some extension cables to run all the ports to outside.

False expectations being crafted, trying to sell a worthless product before anyone can see it. That’s where I draw the line. I have all Atari 2600 games here in an emulator and even though I’m a kid of that time, I can tell you that they all ages very badly. Not so for the cabinet game. Putting those into a console could actually represent some value but literally none of the 2600 games are fun today (neither were they at the time, really. It was just all that we had). Gaming definitely started with the NES.
On the other hand, I don’t blame the Atari license holders. Anyone who is going to buy this console is either a dad wanting to show his kids “what real gaming was about” or someone struck with an inexplicable mix of nostalgia and denial. The only people I’m sorry for are the kids who will get that thing for Christmas.

Then there’s no “probably” about it, it’s definitely a scam. Even assuming this will be a real product (and isn’t a scam on that level), yeah, absolutely false expectations are being crafted, they’re not putting in the effort required to fulfill any expectations, and they’re hiding what it actually is so no one knows that. The more I think about it, the worse it seems. They’re selling it as a retro/modern console, except it isn’t a console, and most likely the most modern games it will run are 12-year-old PC games from Atari’s Infograme days (that previously got Linux ports). At least that’s what they’ve said/hinted will be true. They’ve made no effort to bring in developers, and since I suspect people are paying a hefty premium for the “Atari” name and look for the box, it’ll probably be a pretty piss-weak Linux PC, capable of playing only the most primitive of modern games anyways. I don’t know if they’re hoping indie developers who made Steam OS games will be desperate enough to try to publish for this device without encouragement, or if they’re just going to restrict it to running their back catalog (or at least the old console games and existing Linux ports, which makes the 4K/HDR/60fps gaming claims extra laughable).
All-in-all this strikes me as a very half-assed (one-eighth assed, even) Ouya, knowing how badly that turned out.
I do blame the Atari license holders - “all-in-one retro gaming” devices exist and are a lot cheaper than this. This feels like a dishonest attempt to sell one of those but pretend it’s something grander (in order to charge a lot more money for it as a result).

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  1. I had the Sears version.
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