'Bar Lives Matter' concert promoted by Texas bar owner to protest coronavirus restrictions

I’d be fine if bars were open only to regulars. I’ve dealt with enough people at them to know there is a certain crowd where the bar is 100% of their social interaction. I’m only a weekly visitor, I don’t treat the bar like it’s my living room.


As much as I would donate a free ISS visit to flat-earthers, should anyone set up a crowdfunding to pay those idiots a free trip to the mass graves dug to contain covid-19 victims, I would happily donate some quid in the name of science, evolution, war against stupidity, etc. just name one.


So… worried about their jobs, they’re demanding people put their lives on the line, with a slogan that, besides being offensive is, well…


Bar lives matter is a bad choiche of words.

Besides bars, pubs, and restaurants were closed for a mont of so and that cause problems.
Ste situation was made less economically hard topping the payment of taxes and activating a wage guarantee fund for employees.

Next take away service was allowed and when reopened regulation on putting tables outsides were lifted.

There are problems because people is not going to bars and restaurants as before.

But somewhat the situation is almost at normal and no spread is in action.

Actually, that’s exactly the problem. If it was huge and spacious (and preferably with a large outdoor area) maybe he would have an argument that there is a safe way to provide limited service. But calling it a tiny bar doesn’t help his case.


It’s big, and has a big porch. Tables and seats could be put outside and even in the parking lot, putting some umbrellas. Use masks except when eating.


Have people always been as stupid as this or is this a new phenomenon since I started using the internet and hearing about it?


The bar owners are looking at opening as the only way to save their business (as if the unemployment situation wouldn’t be cutting profits for them anyway). But reopening is their only solution because they apparently rule out things like rent and mortgage cancellation. The bars are acting like the state and local governments are not going to take a massive revenue hit from this, too. Closing businesses hurts EVERYTHING. Responsible officials know this, and decided to close anyway. Maybe everyone should think about why they took this drastic step. People on “both sides” of this need to think more broadly and demand better solutions.


This doesn’t need to be thought through anymore. There are clear choices about what our society and government can do in the face of a pandemic level virus. It’s about what choices we make, and that boils down to our values about what’s important.

Some of us, including many experts in the fields of both medicine/disease and economics, believe shutting down nonessential businesses is the ethical decision, and that the lives of our fellow citizens who are most at risk have more value than, say, a sports bar. Clearly, your mileage varies.


I initially misread this as “Bat Lives Matter,” and was all ready to defend it. Fuck white-nose syndrome. And fuck these crappy-bar-owning death cultists.


I live in Texas. Can confirm that many here are this stupid and worse. :frowning:


Me and my corona gut have already solved this case. sigh


Every. Single. Face. White. Nooooooo, there is no such thing as white privilege. People of color are protesting, literally for their lives, and these *%$#@! are protesting to get drunk and make even worse decisions. Seems about right.


This parody is only mildly changed, because the real worlds are still relevant.

Making your way in the world today
Takes everything you’ve got;
Taking a break from all your worries
Sure would help a lot.
Wouldn’t you like to get away?

Sometimes you want to go
Where everybody gets the plague,
And they’re always glad you came;
You want to be where you can see,
Our troubles are all the same;
You want to be where everybody has the plague…


Conservatives are fond of saying “the world isn’t fair” when the left tries to enact any kind of social justice.

In this case fairness would be the government reimbursing a small business when it requires that business to close for safety during a pandemic.

But you know, “socialism.”


I know a couple of bar owners, and they fully understand why it’s really stupid to open bars in this health situation. Free spit in your face!


The thing that gets me is that these bars have BANNED WEARING MASKS!?! Wtf?


This is way, way worse than a bad choice of words.

It’s a slap in the face to every black person who’s been brutalized, maimed, or killed by police.

It’s even worse than the horrific formulation of “All lives matter” because it trivializes the outrage and anguish that is currently welling up in the streets and cities of this country and indeed around the world.

It’s a giant, upraised middle finger to everyone who has no choice but to go to work, even in the face of a pandemic.


I missed the part in the US Constitution about the right to freely spread infection in the populace. Was that deleted?


Everything about the “Bar Lives Matter” was a terrible idea… but one of the protestors decided to take it a step further by wearing a mask with blackface on it. Truly disgusting on top of everything else. https://twitter.com/DocPop/status/1278156715309948928