• Game DM gone AWOL


Hey, that only happened once. (But it was, I concede, for a rather long time.)

  • ‘I don’t watch TV’

  • @crenquis says something ridiculously gross that still makes me laugh so hard I can’t breathe.

  • “Came here for {thing}. Was not disappointed.”

  • Fresh new post. Subject reminds you of a remarkably original and appropriate
    video/image/link to share in the comments that’s sure to be
    appreciated. While you’re out googling the thing someone else has
    posted it, gotten a bunch of likes and two responses, one of which is “Came here for {thing}. Was not disappointed.”

  • You think of a fairly good contribution to a thread,
    but do it late enough in the interest cycle that no one gets to
    see it, really. Sad.

  • Notification! Someone has been paying attention. No, it’s System tidying up your hotlinks again.

Can we hide the system update to linked images?

splutter… Splutter…

Srsly, was going to post this after the kids were in bed.


Or just “I am disappointed in Boing Boing because…”


And the variants:

  • “This is not a wonderful thing.”

  • “BoingBoing lost its way/used to be good but isn’t anymore.”

and the always popular

  • “That’s it, I’m leaving.”


Hm, I didn’t think about making those into separate squares. Nice idea!


Ooh, I actually used a variant of that the other day.


Ooh, only old schoolers will get it.

  • positive posts about Violet Blue
  • negative posts about the lack of posts about violet blue


That is, indeed, a blast from the past!


Wait, I thought that’s what they said to you?


Too soon? :wink:


oh, man; this so much.


  • “this so much”


What if we limited the number of white men in film and TV?

I was bored.

Did you ever want to play questions?

Came here for a bingo card, was not disappointed.


This. So much this.