Beautiful Rocky Horror lithos


kismet. there was nothing on TV at 2am EST and I wanted to watch something comfy, so I went thru my DVDs and found my copy of Rocky that I never watch. I’m yelling all the participation I can remember at the screen and started browsing BB–well whaddya know!

I’m not sure if it changed my life or not, but I am damn glad the owner of the Franklin Cinema was a rich weirdo who made it available for all the punks, nerds, weirdos, and freaks of the greater Nashville area back when I was a teen sneaking out every friday. It was definitely a positive influence. Yay rich weirdos!

[watching this on DVD with perfect picture and sound is a total mindfuck. it just ain’t Rocky if it ain’t a warbly, beat-down, decades-old 16mm print]


Oh the times we shared! It’s amazing to run across a fellow Franklinite. I’m not sure it changed my life either, but it certainly made my teenage years more interesting. I’m happy to report that the Franklin Cinema was recently saved from almost certain destruction.

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