Bomb shelters as underground farms

It’s somewhat misleading in that the image of their produce is one of sprouts (or micro-greens as they term it), whereas mid-article there’s a picture of someone harvesting a full head of buttercrunch or some other lettuce. So, do they get enough light to churn out full plants or is it just tiny little micro-greens?
And while I think hydroponics is great stuff, there are issues with super-nutrient wastewater once it’s been used in a few grow cycles, as well as the problem of where those nutrients are harvested.
But hey, my idiot neighbor powers a small water fountain in front of his house that’s run dry most of the time, so who am I to complain?

Now, 2.4kW of remedy may seem excessive, but best to get on top of SAD quickly I say.


As much as I agree with the idea that this isn’t carbon neutral, nor is it necessary yet; I can’t argue with the idea that arable land is running at a premium these days. Makes sense to work out where else we can get food growing.

Yep, this, plus as long as the produce is then sold to Londoners, it should seriously cut down on the cost and environmental impact of transporting it.

Especially when we have already dug the holes! I especially like what @charmingquark linked to, above.

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