Book discussion thingie P3 - Reading "The Quarry"

I’ll try. But it’s not even here yet!

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Well then, you’ll look pretty silly reading an invisible book in the employee cafeteria!


Since we seem to be done arguing about publishing formats, I motion that we move to brainstorm solutions for Aeon.

Can you assign a physician of lesser stature to read and summerize it for you? Like an intern or a resident or whatever you call those things?


AIUI, @aeon’s a Gasman, which means they have highly skilled nurses to do all the hard work for them*, leaving plenty of time for reading. :wink:

*According to Mrs. Martian. Anaesthetists may vary.


And for playing Guyball.

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You can tell your wife “Bollocks!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Only patient notes and related educational material in Theatre for me. It’s highly depressing having someone die or get damaged on your watch and I like doing what I do too much to mess around and risk it … :mask:

To precis, critique and present a bit of research or a technical journal article, absolutely. :smile:

Novels not so much. Particularly if there’s no $#%&*$!! book to read!



No way. I’ve seen what you lot can do to people that are asleep. I’m just glad there’s the Tasman Sea in the way.

Any volunteers to read and summarise Cozby’s ‘Methods in Behavioural Research’ for me? :innocent:


True house physicians would tell them the central characters of this book each have their own medical conditions. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The butler did it.


As I remember, the Kid gets to Mars.


…in The Library with an unfeasibly long and very boring Psychology textbook. :neutral_face:


James Blish, no? Don’t recall any Cozby’s in that …

[Nah, better than that!][1]

[1]: Badass Dragons of the Wasteland - Final Round


I have had this book on my list of books I never seem to get around to since Cory posted his review a while back. I just found out about the BB book club today and read through all of the previous posts (why I did this I am not sure, now that I did it :wink: )

So, I’m in - here’s my e-copy :smile:


Slippin’ in under the wire! Now get Chapter One read in the next 2.53 hours!


My daughter just asked me about this – she’s envious and wants to start her own book club, but IRL because apparently tea sandwiches are to be involved – and I was explaining why we were using GMT because we’re from all over the world. She asked how many of us there were, and I said 15-20 right now, but hopefully more will join in once we actually start talking about the book itself. And here you are, proving me right!


I’m sorry, but that is not an approved device.

when you get caught up, just find the current thread. @Raita’s making them chapter-by-chapter so you can jump right in.

EDIT: durr, late to the thread…

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