Book discussion thingie part the second - making a list to make a smaller list

I thought the idea was we weren’t going to rush, just going to take a couple of months or so to let everyone read the book, then start a new thread to discuss it.

I guess we could talk about the first few chapters earlier - but the only experience I’ve ever had of discussing something piecemeal was Thelma & Louise in my Media Studies GCSE, and it totally ruined the film for me. Haven’t revisited it to watch it properly, and that was 20 years ago. Maybe it didn’t totally suck, I don’t know.

Well that’s the thing, I don’t think we’ve decided on how we’re doing this to begin with. I thought we’d read the whole book in one go and then discuss, as well, but a few people have spoken in favor of doing the discussion gradually (which sounds good to me, too). That’s why I wanted to make a new thread - there we can talk about how we’re doing this all. Maybe we’ll vote on it if people so wish.

But, new thread? Please?

Oh, I don’t know…that could be quite interesting. What do you think of the book, Raita? Well, I thought: Kirja on hyvin kirjoitettu, mutta en pidä aihe.

We’d learn even more in this book group than we bargained for!

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It did NOT, in fact, totally suck!

Well, it turns out the translation isn’t out yet anyway, so we can scratch that. Maybe we can try it with some other book, one that preferably wasn’t originally in English anyway so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on the original text.

Also, your Finnish sentence was almost good enough for me to believe you didn’t just GoogleTranslate it, but the last word should’ve been conjugated but wasn’t. It’s surprisingly good, though; usually GoogleTranslate doesn’t like Finnish at all and just craps all over the language.

I’m still pissed off that we were going to do Alien, then they changed their mind. We got to watch the credit sequence and that was it. Probably because it was an 18 certificate film and we were all 16. Thelma and Louise was a 15. Teacher must have had a Ridley Scott thing.

I was off sick the last week so I’ve never seen the ending, either.

I even tried a couple of options, like “subject” vs. “subject matter” to see if it would change the construction of the sentence!

But hey, you understood it, and that’s really as good as we can hope for right now from an online translator.

Some day, we’ll have the Universal Translator that makes all science fiction stories possible. Although I’d love to see a sci-fi movie use closed captioning instead, to really bring home the notion that all aliens do NOT speak English, thankyouverymuch!

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You are pulling my leg, right? Seriously?

OK, I’ll bring the popcorn. You must watch T&L from start to finish. It’s not the finest film ever made (heck, I just re-watched “On the Waterfront” this weekend, which couldn’t be more different) but it’s iconic for a number of reasons.

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Yes! Feel free to go ahead and do that.

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on one hand, I just want to give a shout out to @codinghorror and @sam and that team to say that, thanks to their excellent product, we don’t really need to, since you automatically return to where you left off every time you re-join a thread.

BUT I think a thread strictly for discussion of the book would be better

Therefore I think we still ought to use this thread to hash out our timetable and group procedural stuff and then make a fresh thread that will just be book discussion with the timetable posted in the OP (presumably a new one for each future book, too.)

it would seem our next issues are

  • Timetable
    firstly, it looks like it will take some of us a while to get a print edition
    secondly, there seemed to be a loose consensus on quarterly readings, so roughly three months, but it seems like that should start after the 3 weeks it will take @SmashMartian to get his shipped. So that means… about one week left in January… plus 3 months… plus two more weeks…say… discussion starts 2nd week in May? The 14th? Yes? No?

also, I haven’t checked, but FYI if there is a DRM-free digital copy of this book, there is an IRC group–#bookz–that specializes in this type of thing. I’m not familiar with using IRC but maybe that would be helpful to @SmashMartian and @aeon

  • Discuss whole book at once, or chapters at a time, or what?
    I’m fine with starting discussion after reading the whole book, that was just my assumption on how it would work. @chgoliz mentioned starting at intervals, which actually sounds fun, too.

I guess people doing intervals won’t hurt anything, but please post the schedule near the top of the thread so we know to browse only when we’re caught up, then people can join the thread either at the end or whenever they want in between.

Right? that makes sense, i think?


Sorry, I already made the new thread and people kind of already started discussing it. :flushed:

I just think that really long threads get confusing, people lose track of what has been said and the discussion can kind of shatter. I personally hate going up and down a long thread trying to find that one piece of information some person said. When the old topic is no longer relevant (= selecting a book), a new thread makes more sense to me.

The Kindle edition suddenly isn’t available in the US. WTF?

Looks okay to me?

It’s a Hachette title, so there was that recent kerfuffle?

Weird, I had a page open to the Kindle edition, then re-started my browser, came back to the page, and it said “not available.”

Maybe they sold out. :wink:


??? Creating a new thread is almost three definition of shattering. Splitting, at any rate.

They’ve been Boinged!

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Well yeah, but it focuses the discussion on a new matter. At any rate, I asked several times if I should make a new thread and I got neither a yay or nay, and then @Mindysan33 gave me the heads up. She’s the boss (I’m doing the work and passing the blame :smiley:).

Anyway, what’s done is done. It doesn’t have to be used, it’s just a thread.

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Yeah, but it does make a long discussion more manageable. When we were doing the Badass games, each chapter/round would have its own thread, with the occasional linkback to prior posts that became relevant again. If the whole thing had been stuck in one thread, it would have really become unmanageable. (Many, if not most, rounds had threads well in excess of 100 posts.)

Here, we’ll have a thread or two for organizational purposes (listing book-candidates, working out the reading schedule, etc.), and then, if we decide to read and discuss the whole thing at once, we’ll have a single discussion thread, whereas if we read and discuss chapter-by-chapter, we’ll probably start a new thread for each chapter to keep the discussion organized and manageable. When necessary, links back to older posts in previous threads will allow us to refer to earlier chapters with ease.

Edit: You’ll note we’re already at Post #250 in this thread! Lotsa scrolling to look something up that was previously said…


OK. link?

This one right here:

Though it’s still a procedural discussion about how we’re gonna approach the reading/discussion schedule. It is not yet a discussion of the book itself. That will most likely warrant a new thread once we get going.

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