📚 Best Book You Read In 2016 📚


I reread American Gods since the series is coming out next year. Still think it’s a wonderful book and I love where it ends. In addition to the various mythological details, I think the whole bit about roadside attraction types places being magical is kind of neat.


Yes, excellent book! I also thought the movie was one of the best adaptations I’ve seen.

Best book I read this year was Under the Feet of Jesus, by Helena Maria Viramontes.


A viewpoint actually quite a bit different than my own as a white, middle aged engineer…


Which makes your postings here all the more remarkable.


I really did enjoy The Doomed City but that was recent and I have trouble keeping track of what I read.
I mostly caught up on a pile of Doc Savage that has been sitting for too long. I finished a collection of the Solomon Kane stories from Robert Howard and well they were fun but along with the Doc nothing mind expanding but always enjoyable to me.


Really enjoyed The Nightmare Stacks but it’s very inside baseball for people who have been reading The Laundry Files since the beginning.

Some people take issue with some of the fictionalized accounts but Console Wars really gave me some insight into just what happened with SEGA.

Most of this year was finishing sci-fi series as I finished the Red Rising trilogy as well as the Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy.


Might I suggest an account on goodreads.com?


Yeah I broke down and set one up just last week. Now I gotta remember to actually use it.


The only other place where I use this pseudonym, actually, since I post links here all the time.


Probably Rothfuss’ The Slow Regard of Silent Things.


I’m sure people are verging on tired-of-hearing-about-this but Crucial Conversations was the best book I read in 2016. Second best non-fiction was Be the Best Bad Presenter Ever by Karen Hough.

Too Like the Lightning was the best new-to-me fiction novel I read in 2016.

Almost everything else I read (except re-reads and books about knitting) was really terrible. :sweat: Like not embarrassing. Just bad.


I would suggest Tales from the Loop but that was more about looking at the pictures (although I did enjoy the text)

And I have Things from the Flood to look at now.

I heard mixed things about that, but I think I will read it. Plus, I really like the cover art.


Too Like The Lightning is a challenging book and it’s got some stuff I got squicked over. The Whatcha Readin thread has more on that. :sweat: It’s a really good book but I don’t suggest it without reservations. :cold_sweat:


I loved that book. I’m trying to remember anything actually squick-worthy (by my own measures) and I can’t think of anything. What in it was triggering?


I wasn’t really feeling Too Like The Lightning. Readable, but not up to the hype. Not even the best book I’d read that week.


I should say I don’t read books. I read magazines and stuff online.


How about:


Of course, I liked Too Like The Lightning quite a bit. One of the more original things I’d read this last year.


Dunno about best but the most fun read last year was Nathan Lowell’s Traders Tales series, originally recommended here:

Ripped through all of them in a row.


if re-reads are an option then easily the best book i’ve read this year would be “all on fire: william lloyd garrison and the abolition of slavery.” this is a fascinating, detailed, and well-researched biography of one of my heroes. despite being a 7th or 8th generation native of texas with 3 ancestors who fought for the confederacy, i find the institution of slavery utterly repugnant and consider the confederate flag morally equivalent to the nazi flag as well as being symbolic of treason. garrison is one of the most underrated figures in the history of 19th century america and this book absolutely gives him his due.

this book is in my top 20 best books i’ve read in my lifetime.

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