Borb, story of a severely alcoholic homeless man


I read the entire run of Borb when it was serialized a year or so ago. Lots of bad luck, poor choices, blown opportunities, bolts of misfortune out of the blue, and meanwhile a slow attrition.

I really wish the Origin Story panels hadn’t been posted here. Those were an incredible surprise when they appeared, making an earlier sequence make a lot more sense.

I highly recommend the Bee collection. Man, it has been a long time since that came out; I recall jokingly asking Little how Bee had weathered 9/11 (she was fine).


My own relatively mild screw-ups have made me aware of how quickly life can turn ugly with little hope of redemption (whether monetarily, health-wise, etc.). Add drugs into the mix and the downfall can come all too rapidly, and even so, I still have to tell myself sometimes that the stinking, drunken, dirty person panhandling on the street is still a person, and at one time that person didn’t smell bad, and was clean and sober. Which is usually when I reach into my pocket to discover, again, that I don’t have any cash to give because I so rarely carry it.

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So many of the colors are reused. Is that a design decision, or is there a production reason why the palette needs to be limited?

The narrative is presented as a series of daily newspaper strips

Have you ever read a color comic strip in a physical newspaper? This is a pretty close representation of how they look. :smile:

I guess I figured printing technology had advanced some since the days of The Katzenjammer Kids.

Nah, not really, not for newspapers. I mean there’s a reason no one reads them anymore. Also, they are clearly trying to hearken back to times past, anyway. You seem to have missed the point.

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Actually I anticipated the point, and even included it in my question. When I said, “So many of the colors are reused. Is that a design decision, or is there a production reason why the palette needs to be limited?” You could have said, “it was a design decision.” You could even have shortened it to two words and said, “The former.”

My comments make it pretty clear it was a design issue, and I was just explaining why they chose that particular design. You sound like you’d be fun at parties.

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You sound like you like to insult people a lot.

There were no insults but okay!

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