Bugs with the new BBS system

Alright… You win this round, Atkins. :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty sure @sam gets all the credit, he built the in page highlighting!

so, here is an ironic type of situation:

because I recently reported a bug concerning the main page to this thread by mistake, an actual bug has popped up due (I’m assuming) to that post of mine being deleted.

check it out:

this “reply” from Prediksi_Situs is–as you know–not a reply, nor is it a person. I don’t get a “number in a blue dot” notification, but this “reply” is in my notification queue every time I check it since my dumb post was removed. it is always between the new notes and the older notes, and the link just goes to the top of this thread.

unimportant question: why Indonesian?

That spammer probably did reply to you, then their post was deleted by staff which means it is invisible. The daily cleanup routines should fix it, but let me know if they don’t in say, 24 hours from now.

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I moved 2 posts to an existing topic: Behavior of embedded videos in blog feed


was trying to find a topic and the search really let me down.

the one word I knew for sure was in the title is invisible to your search, and this topic is only one or two days old. “demo tape” (not in the title but “tape” is in the body of the post)–nothing. “demo record label” same deal.

of course, after I found it by scrolling thru several days worth of topics and saw the actual wording of the title, I tried “music demo” and of course it popped right up :rage:

usually the search is quite dependable, never encountered such an egregious failure like that.

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Not related to creating a new conversation…

Zogstrip just closed a the comment thread for http://boingboing.net/2014/07/02/how-anti-slavery-law-created-a.html. Any idea why?

I sent a question about that myself. Not sure why it was done but want to know what is going on before reversing it.

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Was a mistake. This wasn’t the thread I wanted to auto-close… I re-opened it :wink: (cc @Falcor)


Cheers! Figured it was something like that!

Try clicking the “show more” link on the top right of search, it is literally the 6th match for me.

grumble withdrawn. has that always been there? I’ve been blind to it. guess I always assumed all results were shown, since I’ve always found everything without it up to now. (∘=̴⃙̀˘︷˘=̴⃙́∘)

thanks .

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the “show full post” button has quit working for posts that include a youtube embed.

first noticed this a few days ago, but didn’t make the connection that it was the embed’s fault at first.

running mac os, firefox latest, just updated flash, too.

first it’s this:

then click the button and

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five days later

no response

still broken:



Meh. I asked why posts show up with nearly random dates in the RSS feed a couple weeks ago and got no reply.

I appreciate the frowny-face emoticon on your error message:

    Server Error: [missing {{code}} value]
      while trying to load /unread.json

      Something went wrong.

Wait did this ever work? It super tricky the component we are using is just too smart for its own good a lot of the time.

wait, what where? rss is kind of a problem child on discourse, was a community contributed feature and needs lots of polish.

Which RSS feed are you talking about?

the youtube embeds used to come up, it was the comics that didn’t ever load to begin with

We are going to have to re-write the embed code, but it is going to have to wait at least a few weeks.

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