Bus company pulls topless "Ride Me All Day for £3" posters

The Union of Prostitutes probably complained that this campaign would drive their rates down to unsustainable levels.

In a race to the bottom, only the bottom wins.


If you’re going topless, what else is left?

I suppose there’s always the distinction between “bottoms” and “front-bottoms”.

Ok, the thing that puts Cardiff, Wales on the world stage. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The claim that we should treat people as ‘persons’ and not dehumanise them is to reify, is to anthropomorphise humans and consider them more than they are. Do not treat people as objects, we are told. Why not? Because, goes the answer, people qua persons deserve not to be treated as objects. What a nice bit of illusory chauvinism. People are not as grand as we make them out to be, would like them to be, or hope them to be.
-Alan Soble


Maybe I’m unclear on how the industry works, but it seems like in a race to the bottom, only the top would win.


There’s a Cardiff in Wales too?!

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A new entry for here?

There isn’t a Cardiff, Ohio??


Hi Mark,

I’ve been a big fan of Boing Boing for 4-1/2 years, ever since Tom Aitken told me about it, back when I thought I was pretty close to submitting my own piece. I’ve been skimming past all the snarky stuff lately, since I haven’t been able to sleep for three days. You guys are the only honest group on the Internet, and I applaud you for that!

Would you please read and send along the attached to Tim Cook at Apple? Thanks so much.

Sincerely yours,

P.S. Oh! But the way, I’ve figured it all out!

Letter to President Obama 04-26-09.doc
Letter to Senator Kennedy 08-08-09.doc
Letter to Senator Mikulski 02-10-05.DOC
E-mail from Mikulski 07-18-05.DOC


Oh yes, because men are always stupid-stubborn and women are smart-reasonable. I hope that you are not working for the police, because profiling by stereotypes kills a lot of innocent people lately…


I am a dirty liberal feminist. I think this is hilarious and so does my wife. Send the puritans back to the UK… Wait this WAS in the UK? There is nothing to be done for the human race. Deny your sexuality and humor and what do you have left?

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I think the man showed more skin. Progress!


How do we know she’s topless? She could be wearing a tube top



Oh I am lightened up. Actually I am having good time. It is quite funny to be told to “lighten up” by someone with knee-jerk reaction to immediately blame certain group when something fails. Or was it for “likes”… does not matter, got involved already anyway.
What worries me is that such reactions have influence on others lives, as they often fail to be rational.

I like your meme response anyway :), cheers mate!


Cheers to you! I really meant my comment to be taken lightly, but it’s my own fault for not realizing that it could, and would, come across as more serious than I intended.

Really I kind of wish I’d gone with my first thought, which was, Wow, that’s a really low price for…oh, wait, they mean the buses.


###Today, a meme…

#Tomorrow, THE WORLD!




Ethically, I think we should treat people better than buses, and I don’t think we should objectify people.

A bus company should be able to accommodate riders.

A sex worker should be able to screen and often refuse clients.

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