California public library drops late fees

Hey Thanos - just raise the fees on rich people.


Seems to me that the entire point of removing a late-fee system is to take “punishing people with money” out of the equation. If you lost the book or just decided not to return it, OK, just replace it. It’s not ‘making it about money’, it’s just making sure the books that’ve been provided for everyone stay available.


SI get that. And if a library system can be run well without penalties, great. But if penalties are needed, let’s come up with ones that aren’t financial (or shaming)

I think the basic penalty of simply not letting people take out books is extremely effective. Losing access to a free service is a good way to stop people from repeating their error without invoking involuntary servitude.


Yeah howdie! That’s my neighborhood Library. Temescal Branch, 52nd and Telegraph in north Oakland. You can still get DvDs there.

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forced to read a john grisham novel before anything else can be checked out


How about forced to read a Ta-Nehisi Coates book…

i tried his black panther comic, and honestly i couldn’t even begin to figure out what was going on. oto… “between the world and me” was fantastic. ( and i got them both from the library… )

fwiw, i’d definitely attempt to read a john grisham letter to his kid ( or danielle steel to hers – i’m not convinced they’re different people ) that explains the continuing presence of their books in airports even after the advent of inflight entertainment.

it’s not as ground breaking as an examination of privilege in america – but if we could somehow tap that particular perpetual publication machine … we would surely solve us some global warming

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