Can you draw Nancy?


I like this one the best :smile:


Hmmm, I seem to remember the original quite differently, it was part of the strip’s well-known . . . experiments in form, shall we say, during the 1960s? Such heady times!


Of course, let’s not forget the best panel ever:


Yeah, you would think there must be thousands of microfilmed examples of the strip (from different syndicated papers) in various repositories, including public library systems.


Sluggo’s soul…


Actually Rob had it right, but it turns out the last panel was missing too.

Kickstarting a comic about HP Lovecraft's world

He comes!


Or even originals, if you are lucky-- see Nicholson Baker. A boingboinger might even live near Duke University, and Baker’s newsprint archive.

What we’d need is a list of papers syndicating Nancy on that year. Then, even if we were limited to microfilm, we’d have a selection of microfilm copies to choose from.


Wow! What a blast from the past. Princess Sparkle Pony was hilarious during the Republican campaigns. I don’t know how or why I lost touch with his blogs but thanks for reminding me of his genius. I’ll be a regular reader again.


Damn! I should have thought to do that.

I did this one.


It took me years to break the habit of reading Nancy, a comic so stupid you can read it just by glancing in its general direction.

No way I’m going back now.


She was the original star of the strip, before her diminutive niece took over. The same thing happened with Barney Google (Snuffy Smith) and Thimble Theatre (Popeye), and more recently with Bloom County (Opus).


This is pinned to my wall at work.


Oh hey, Arthur Dent!



Also Alley Oop was originally just the sidekick of Australopithecus Andy


I have an original 1943 Nancy Sunday page on which Bushmiller pasted over a panel with a second thought on the composition. I can see it a little through the paper. Some day, I’ll slip it off there (the rubber cement is probably brittle now anyway) and I’ll be the first one since Ernie himself to have seen a drawing from his hand.

I’m not in a hurry to do it, but it’s fun to think about.


That is interesting. The funnies page I mean.

The only thing that made me slightly laugh was the Buggs Bunny and that was because of its relevance to the RSS feeders etc., the comics, paying for reading and the copyright conundrum.

50s must have sucked when it came to comics.


Ack, don’t do that! It will destroy the drawing. You should be able to see what’s underneath just by using a good lightbox.


God, I loathed Nancy. Yet, like a car accident, it was impossible not to look at.