Can you read this mysterious letter?

Sure - I just can’t tell you what I worked on :slight_smile:


OK, here’s an insight - I believe the writer started writing on the right side, went down to the bottom of the side, then rotated the whole thing 180 degrees and continued writing with the ellipsis and wrote “down” what is now a new blank right side. Why do I think that? On the top image right side, there is a repeated word that has two decending swoops. If you then turn the image 180 you get another match with that word - also there are below-the-line swoops contains a dot in the swoop on right original image, but you don’t see the on the left unless you rotate the image. My two cents. Lot you can learn even without knowing the language :slight_smile:

Edit: The two-swoop word I am referring to appears on the top image on the right end of line 8 and start of line 10. Now rotate 180 (or just scroll down and look at the rotated image) and look at the right side of the second full line (not counting ellipsis line). All thee are identical which is why I believe the writer rotated the large page. If writer was right-handed, they may not have wanted to chance smearing the writing by reaching across - so they rotated to get a new blank right side.


Where’s Dwight Schrute when one needs him?

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The folks at Language Log could probably solve this, or at least bring it to the attention of people who can.


I can pretty much debunk the “very busy doctor” hypothesis. Far too neatly spaced and in straight lines. Plus, we never write that much. That’s why we turn everything into 3- and 4-letter abbreviations.

E.g., actual note from ophthalmologist:
Pt OD OD p OD qtts.

Can’t duplicate doctor scrawl on screen, but yeah, that would count as a paragraph. So no, no doc wrote that.


SUNY Binghampton does have a linguistics department if that is the college she reached out to. It could be that the members are too specialized to recognize scripts outside their expertise. The nativeLang presenter seems to collect writing systems. For that matter, someone on might know.

The pictures are not the best resolution, though.

Obviously, Sauron’s detailed to-do list

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Might need a seer stone and a hat to decode this.

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Looks like a shopping list to me.

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