🌸 Haiku 🍂


Haiku? Gesundheit.
Let your poetry bloom here
And fall like blossom.


I like this venture

So ready for good words spoke

Let’s haiku begin…


Haiku isn’t hard

Five syllables, then seven

Then you have haiku.

P.S. Nature is usual; but you just haiku, okay? Thank you, haiku, yeah!

P.P.S. That was two haikus; to haiku is easy, see? I just made three, we!




Abraham Lincoln
Never wore a turtleneck
Holy Counterfeit!


glared enviously
at shambles, hung out to dry,
comey had to go


One from the old Usenet days in response to somebody who claimed wimmuns were too nonchalant about abortion…

Dead babies falling
Putrid flesh stains the sidewalk
Tennis anyone?


Tuesday blows in soon
To end this bitter season
Fingers crossed for her


cold wind is blowing
last fruits drop to waiting hands
life is worth living

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