City of London Police told they can't just take away domains because Hollywood doesn't like them

The ‘Oh Dear!’ really is twee; but isn’t it a trifle over the top for my mistake in calling it ‘the corporation of the city of london’ rather than getting the correct ‘The City of London Corporation’ word order?

At least they have a lovely flag with some dragons on it. :slight_smile:

There are no ‘block votes’, as I stated above "The Common Council of the City of London is elected by some 22,213 individuals, none of whom have more than one vote"
The City is divided into 25 wards, each of which elects one Alderman (six years after the last Aldermanic election in ward) and between two and ten Common Councilmen (depending on the number of voters in the ward) every four years across the City. Businesses (and other institutions) apply to register voters towards he end of the calendar year. The new Ward Voting Lists are published in DRAFT before they go live. Any attempt to register a disproportionate number of voters sticks out like a sore thumb and gets challenged. S2(1) The City of London (Ward Voting) Act 2002 c. vi defines ‘workforce’ as “persons whose principal or only place of work on the qualifying date is ordinarily the premises in respect of which that body’s right to appoint voters arises” so telecommuters do not count.
Local councils in England do not do ballots on issues in the manner in which some (all?) US cities do. Income Tax throughout the United Kingdom is set by Her Majesty’s Government. I do not understand what you mean by the phrase “ground rent”. In England ground rent is paid by leaseholders to freehold land owners, the amount (or the mechanism for calculating the amount) is usually set out in the contract (lease).

fuzzyfungus - Sorry if my comment struck you as OTT, the problem with word order (as you put it) is that you end up referring to a completely different organisation. (The two organisations both receive communications meant for each other on a daily basis.) My main point, however, was that City of London residents and businesses pay the same taxes as the rest of the UK.

Singedrac - The City of London does indeed have some lovely dragons, both on the coat of arms and guarding roads and bridges leading into the City, but not on the flag. The flag, like the shield, is the cross of St George with the sword of St Paul.

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