Company sells square tip knives to help reduce knife violence

Stop flogging a dead horse. I refer you to my earlier point about asking the same question about guns. And they are not specifically regulating kitchen knives.

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That’s pretty much at the heart of what i posted as well. Similar to school shootings here in the US, the problem is partly easy access to guns but even with good gun regulations somehow happening it doesn’t resolve why the violence is occurring. It boils down to easy “fixes” that punts the problem down the line until the next thing happens.

In the case of the UK it comes down to stripping help and services for the public that they desperately need, racist immigration and policing laws, along with any other issues specific to the UK i might not be aware of.

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A fair point. One former police chief who was talking about the problem was talking about how the biggest issue is kids carrying knives to protect themselves and how there just end up being knives everywhere (their suggestion was systemic change so kids didn’t feel terrified anymore). I’m sure those knives are mostly originating from kitchens.


I’ve been wanting to stab people for a while now. I will make sure I only use these.

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You could really fuck somebody up bad with a cordless angle grinder.

Just saying.

Not encouraging this but anything is a weapon if you want to use it as one. The idea that you can put something that has been in every household since time began on a prohibited weapons list just screams idiocy in new levels to me


Be careful when trying to apply reductio ad absurdam. After all, one man’s modus tollens is another man’s modus ponens. That is: an American might very well accept that same argument about guns in the other direction – that more restrictions are indeed fundamentally dumb and authoritarian for both guns and knives.

I don’t think the number of uses of guns is anywhere near comparable to make that comparison in either direction, however.

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In 2018, there were 185,437 aggravated assaults where firearms were used. In comparison, there were 123,253 aggravated assaults where knives or other cutting instruments were used.

I’m surprised thay haven’t already banned comfy chairs and bananas.


That was sarcasm. Unfortunately there has already been enough of that kind of unbelievable idiocy you’re describing in this thread to apparently make that not completely obvious.

And indeed, I would apply the same argument to guns, and drugs, too. Making everyone live with government regulations because a few people are assholes is not without cost. That said,

This is also true. Making that argument in favor of regulating knives is so much more ridiculous than making it about guns that they aren’t really comparable. Absent specific constitutional injunction like in the US, you can make a completely legitimate argument that people living in cities don’t need guns, which you can’t do for knives, since they are a very basic tool used for everything. Similarly, most people in the US who do have guns don’t use them for anything on a daily ( or even monthly) basis, where everyone uses knives all the time, so the ratio of non- violent to violent uses is vastly higher for a knife.

If you have a situation so fucked up that you’re thinking about banning common tools that everyone needs to go about their daily lives, you have big problems, but the tools are not your problem.

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Yes, far easier to place the blame and onus on the victim.


They should be sold with a Saturday Night Special.

You may have noted that the stats I posted were re the UK and in response to someone saying worrying about stabbings in the UK was being a bit quaint.

According to the Prime Minister they have banned bananas, at least ones that curve. It was the entire justification for Brexit (or it might as well have been).


I like the implication that Viners did a whole lot of stabbin’ to avoid a lot of stabbin’.

Aside from it simply being easier to take the tip off a knife while keeping it useful than to take the edge off; it’s my understanding that stab wounds are generally of greater concern.

Cuts can bleed pretty profusely since there are a lot of little blood vessels in/near the skin; and the scarring isn’t necessarily going to be good; but unless you are dealing with instruments(axes, weightier swords, that sort of thing) that inflict something of a hybrid between a slash and a stab your odds of involving the heart, a lung, one of the big serious blood vessels; perforating a mess of intestines, etc. are lower.

A stab isn’t as messy a ballistic trauma; but has the ability to skip through surface tissue(a blood loss risk; and serious cosmetic concern; but less immediately life critical and a lot easier to access for treatment) and straight into internal organs(potential for massive internal bleeding, direct destruction of important organ bits; and may well involve a trauma surgeon rummaging around in your abdomen trying to fix things).

Would totally buy that, as I found I don’t need anyone else to stab me with a kitchen knife, I am perfectly capable to do this myself. Those pointy ends are useless and an unnecessary source of bleeding fingers, so I take them off with a sharpening stone.

Give me a pair of pliers and a few seconds. It will have a crude but effective point


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