Continuing coronavirus happenings (Part 3)

Hey look everybody… it’s a shithead fight


This is probably not good

We are certainly seeing it here. About 15% positivity rate in the last week or so at my office. But might actually be testimony to vaccine efficacy, since the vast majority of the cases are in those too young to be vaccinated. There is also the fact that delta seems to more effectively infect kids. My concern, as I have expressed before, is less that there is a small, but still significant, number of kids who get seriously ill or die from this, but that there is a much larger number (a recent study found around 4%) who will develop longer term effects. Especially since we have very little idea what “longer term” even means yet. So much unknown, so many people quite happy to make their, and everyone else’s, kids into experimental subjects for real. As opposed to the imagined “experiment” of vaccinating them. And we are tired, man. So very tired.


Yep. This.

Also, I do wonder about the development of another variant that is worse on kids, too.

So many scary things to consider. And assholes will not get vaccinated…


This 18-month-old has never known anything except for her 3 older brothers to be at home with her every day. In-person school started back up, so she spent the day without them for the first time.

Yes, it’s hard to be locked up at home due the pandemic, but it also fosters closer family ties.


I’m not a sucker for kids, so I don’t know why there is moisture in my tear ducts? (This is way cute!)


Good, but my hopes are very limited. Medical boards in most states trend republican ideologically, and he may find enough fellow travelers to get by.


Update locally: Our local 238-bed hospital currently has 78 covid patients hospitalized (as of this morning. It will get worse), UVA has maxed out it’s ICU beds and is converting med-surg beds to ICU capacity to handle the surge, and we are seeing measles in incoming Afghani refugees being resettled here. I have not seen any publicly acknowledged concerns about staffing, but hiring nurses and RT’s is not an easy task at this time and the only solution currently is to work the staff we have harder and longer with fewer breaks. We are working our days off, we are working at double capacity, and still not able to see everyone who needs seen. Yeah, it could be better. It. Did. Not. Have. To. Be. Like. This. We are very much human and cannot keep this up forever. I apologize to the folks we will (and have) inevitably fail.

Edit to add these stats from VDH from todays notice:

While we don’t have exact numbers, we can tell you that the vast majority of our COVID inpatients are unvaccinated. According to the VDH, as of August 28th, 4,832,258 Virginians are fully vaccinated. Of these people, 0.4% have developed COVID-19, 0.016% have been hospitalized, 0.0032% have died. Like most vaccines, the COVID vaccine is not 100% effective; however, these numbers from the VDH show that the COVID-19 vaccine is incredibly successful at protecting us from the virus.

Seems like this should be pretty definitive, but not to certain folks, I guess. It’s not zero, so obviously the vaccine doesn’t work. :man_facepalming:


This is not what I would call “free:”


Agree but maybe he meant the statement as a warning. Something like “even when the covid infection is gone, I’m still suffering and in the ICU.”
Disappointed he isn’t using his celebrity to urge vaccines.


I’m calling it… we’re going to hit a million deaths before this is all over. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m afraid I’m not.

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Hold my beer, says America…


“ Carlson, a self-confessed liar and peddler of vaccine misinformation, also corrected his previous night’s assertion in a graphic that said it was Minaj’s cousin — and not his cousin’s friend — whose testicles had become enlarged.“

We haven’t been able to figure out whether this show is broadcast in Trinidad,” Carlson said at the end of a 10-minute segment dedicated to Minaj’s unsubstantiated claim.

“But if Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend is watching, or his former fiancee is watching, we want to hear your story,” he continued. “We’ll come to Port of Spain to see you. Let us know.”


Trevor Noah made some interesting points about this story, and the part about the difference in vaccines widely used in Trinidad vs. the U.S. caught my attention:

Also, not sure if Joy Reid has made any response (I’m not on Twitter). However, I can only hope she learned (or others pointed out) that the majority of the development done on these vaccines was not during the previous administration. That’s another point of misinformation that needs to die in a fire:


Via the “Interesting People” list… which is generated by Alpha+ computer science types… “interesting” being, therefore, somewhat subjective… :no_mouth:

Freely available pre-print PDF.

The study is interesting in that it provides a controlled demonstration of the phenomenon of social group influence and information bias. It indicates, among other things, that scores on a common (but oft controversial) test of reasoning ability correlate negatively to susceptibility to misleading information from sources within people’s own social groups.

I suspect these findings may be more controversial in some circles than others… :thinking:

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