Cosplay / Costume Thread


Awesome! Now us Costume/Cosplay/Steampunk geeks can discuss uber geeky BoingBoing-Related Costumes stuff here.

Who wants to begin?


I’m currently working on a Captain John Hart Jacket, from Torchwood. I’m hoping to have it, and a pair of boots done up in time for October’s Girl Geek Con. The jacket just needs the rest of the white braid on the front, and it will be done.


I’ll be doing the “Gimme the Cash!” guy from The Fifth Element this year again at DragonCon, as the guy who started this topic already knows. :^)


What I love about that scene is how Bruce Willis is clearly laughing during the last part of it.

Totally makes the scene IMO. That and his little impromptu dance.


I guess I need to start practicing the dance again, as I know someone will ask me to do it.


Hey, @Mister44 - did you know about this thread?



Well, you’re all my people, but still.


Nope. Like 3 years ago, man.

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