Crowdfunding £12,000 to fight mandatory UK Internet filters


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for an alternative view:

And, remember, the fucker who advised him on it was just arrested on child porn charges and computers inside No.10 are being checked by forensics. Weirdly, it didn’t stay in the news for long, that story…

Sky Broadband in the UK have recently been advertising their Internet Shield (with inevitable, depressing and confusing Marvel tie-in) and my first thought was, “is this just The Great Firewall of Cameron dressed up as A Good Thing?”. It’s apparently a free service that Sky can just switch on and off when customers request it but I’m too lazy/busy/conflicted to research it further.

Sounds shit though.

I wonder if they’ll continue doing that considering recent revelations in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Agents of SHIELD. Giant spoiler warning for anyone who hasn’t watched either the movie or Agents of SHIELD up to season 1, episode 17 (aired April 8 in the US and Canada).

HYDRA heavily infiltrated SHIELD from the start of the agency. So much so that much of what SHIELD did was really to service HYDRA’s goals

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